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  1. Already submitted, thanks. Just thought I'd log here for anyone else with the issue.
  2. Upon further investigation this is definitely an Invision issue, it just depends what server your DNS is reporting. You can see here at least 1 is down - https://www.whatsmydns.net/#A/remoteservices.invisionpower.com
  3. Do you know the URL it requests for news so I can test? EDIT: Nevermind, managed to find it. Seems my server can't reach remoteservices.invisionpower.com, pinging works fine from my PC but get host unreachable from my server. Submitted a support ticket to host.
  4. My dash is completely stock (I've never added or removed widgets to it), removing it seems to work but seems like avoiding the real issue here?
  5. I've randomly started getting 504 timeouts attempting to access any part of my forum Admin Panel, increasing my PHP time outs to 300 I finally managed to login but it's extremely slow. I enabled slow log and it's reporting this, seems to be an issue fetching the news? script_filename = index.php [0x00007fa1bfe1e610] curl_exec() system/Http/Request/Curl.php:387 [0x00007fa1bfe1e570] _execute() system/Http/Request/Curl.php:422 [0x00007fa1bfe1e4a0] _executeAndFollowRedirects() system/Http/Request/Curl.php:298 [0x00007fa1bfe1e430] get() applications/core/extensions/core/Dashboard/LatestNews.php:68 [0x00007fa1bfe1e350] refreshNews() applications/core/extensions/core/Dashboard/LatestNews.php:48 [0x00007fa1bfe1e2a0] getBlock() applications/core/modules/admin/overview/dashboard.php:59 [0x00007fa1bfe1e180] manage() system/Dispatcher/Controller.php:96 [0x00007fa1bfe1e100] execute() system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php:152 [0x00007fa1bfe1e090] run() index.php:14 The main admin page also shows this: Seems like there's a ridiculously long timeout trying to fetch the Invision news which is blocking everything. EDIT: I've commented out the following as a temporary fix, can someone confirm this is an Invision issue and not related to my server? protected function refreshNews() { //\IPS\Data\Store::i()->ips_news = json_encode( array( // 'content' => \IPS\Http\Url::ips( 'news' )->request()->get()->decodeJson(), // 'time' => time() //) ); }
    I honestly cannot recommend this theme to anyone especially if you're running a site with a considerable amount of users. It's full of bugs - missing icons, menus not appearing properly on mobile, terribly contrasting colours of links & backgrounds, menu items out of line with each other the list goes on... I reported one bug and just like everyone else (check the thread) get told "Edit your CSS and save", after trying to explain numerous times that doesn't work I was told "It'll be fixed in next update, here's a temporary fix for the mean time" I then had to remind Veilon that it was still broken in the next 2 updates! And regarding updates, they're few and far between and when they do appear chances are you'll just break more of the site installing it. Sorry @Veilon, credit for trying but seriously just stop selling this, it's not up to scratch and certainly isn't worth the price you're asking. I've now moved over to the dreadnought theme (also sold here, just search) which actually works with the latest update and has a great list of features so I'd advise checking that out if you're looking for a decent theme not riddled with bugs.
  6. Also, more importantly I've just noticed my Read/Unread forum icons are completely missing. I've cleared cache, attempted to replace the SVG icons and nothing works. They appear to be completely broken.
  7. It's genuinely amazing how many times you've said you've fixed this yet it's STILL broken in the latest version, I mean, seriously??? Also the username text whilst typing a username in the compose new message section is white and therefore completely hidden in the background. Please fix!
  8. It doesn't work with IPS at all, I was just hoping you could help get one working specific to your theme or otherwise.
  9. @Veilon Any way I can manually add a captcha to the popup login form? The plugin here no longer works and the IPS version is only on the registration page. Thanks.
  10. @Veilon can you PLEASE apply this fix to the latest 4.2 You told me it no longer occurred but I've just had to patch it myself again! @Auday Elyafe see my patch above
  11. Customisation -> themes -> Edit HTML/CSS on Veizor theme. -> search for userBar -> scroll to bottom -> paste the code above - > save.
  12. It's fine, For fixed search bar add the following to end of 'userBar' template {{if theme.veilon_header_search}} {{if theme.veilon_search_guest}} {template="searchBar" app="core" group="global" params=""} {{else}} {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id }} {template="searchBar" app="core" group="global" params=""} {{else}} {{endif}} {{endif}} {{else}} {{endif}}
  13. Veizor, just go Customisation -> themes -> Edit HTML/CSS on Veizor theme. -> search for mobileNavigation -> highlight all, paste above code -> save.
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