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  1. it would be nice, because you can change the content in php files, but on 3.4.x then there is some protection if someone removes your main account, etc.
  2. /** * Can this group be deleted? * * @param \IPS\Member\Group $group The group * @return void */ public function canDelete( $group ) : bool { return TRUE; } Hi everyone : Where i can find and edit this code to avoid group id 4 against to remove group by others admin?
  3. scroll down to comments section here : hxxps://bit.ly/edited and yes - as I mentioned above I use linked topic here : hxxps://bit.ly/edited I hadle this with those 2 ways and it doesnt work. Contet has been hidden in forums topics but the same content doesnt hide in comments in article.
  4. hxxps://bit.ly/edited - I use forums posts as comments in pages articles. Maybe this is the issue here. I doesnt work at all for all hidden content - spoilers, code boxes and links. In forums topcis works fine.
  5. leaving content untouched and hide only in comments doesnt work in pages database.
  6. links are visible in All Activity (*/discover/ url) section os IPS Community, but are locked in topic view - by design ? any chance to include comments but exclude records content (articles in database) ? fine solution for articles that has linked topics in forums (topics stores comments for article) - both sections will have blocked links.
  7. take a look on sub categories in db and lower boxes allign.
  8. @opentype could you take a look at my site : http://bit.ly/2GwjXgb, something goes wrong with box scaling with latest IPS 4.3.4...
  9. thank you, please do a quick test before every release ?
  10. 2.2.4 stops working on my site (doesnt hide links only) ? 2.2.3 works fine ?
  11. this badge on file : means that it already been tested and its compatible with IPS 4.3 ?
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