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  1. hi, our moderators desperately would like to search for users by their email-adress in moderatorCP. we wish that since version 3, but now as we finally upgraded to 4, nothing changed (we hoped so). we think about do that at ourself as a plugin or similar. or we will have to give all moderators a login for the adminCP. but of course wqe woul like most, if that would be implemented in IPB. i assume it is not possible due to privacy issues, i do understand that, and it would be great, if that'll be an option which could be switched on/off. thanks,
  2. hi, we are still struggling with our update to ipb4. we are using ipb mostly over the api. while the update procedure there will be somchanges made. the posts will be wrapped in paragraphs. ascii-smileys will be converted to image-tags and some links in the posts will be converted to embedded content wihout questioning. and, most ugly, that automatically inserted html isn't xhtml conform. why that? this means, we have to filter out the emoticon-smileys after the update and have to take care, that there will be no new ones in the database. you can't switch off the emoticons. we don't like
  3. thanks, for now i only found the sentence "REST API has many enhancements to mange members." and no detailed info about the changes of the API. but that doesn't sound bad.
  4. thank you very much! even if i had to solve this at my own now, i would be glad to be able to get that with less performance usage. there are some other little issues, eg. i don't understand why we are not able now anymore to change the users birthday via the api. i am afraid i have to realize that by accessing the database directly, or with copying any birthdays from the basic member fields to the custom profile fields ... could you tell me if there is a chance that this will also be possible via api in the future?
  5. I had a discussion with IPS Support which ended with that they asked me to post this here: ------------------------------ We are using IPB over the API Yet, we still have IPB3 in production use and are able to fetch all posts for a certain topic or user at once, In our development/testversion we use to update our code to IPB4 suddenly it was only possible to fetch as many posts as configured in adminCP for "posts per page". Now, since the latest updates, the count of posts we could fetch over API is hardcoded in system/Api/PaginatedResponse.php to a maximun of 25 posts. We can't
  6. Dear Invision, dear other customers. I hope this won't just be read ONLY by other customers. We are using IPB since serveral years. We are using it intensely. Mostly over its API. Currently we are working on migrating to IPB4. We collected some serious wishes over the years, which i'll post here in case there are some other customers, who would appreciate that too; just the most important: - Moderating with multiple moderators We do have several moderators on several desktops. At the moment, they are moderating in a linear way; they are writing down timecodes of the pos
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