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    Pracuję nad tym plikiem dłuższy czas, poprzednio na ize, obecnie na ipsbeyond. W pracach nad tłumaczeniem wspomagam się narzędziami ale zawsze zachowuję poprawny kontekst i składnię naszej ojczystej mowy. Korekty wprowadzam na bieżąco, błędy usuwam ad-hoc. Więcej informacji w Support topic, w zakładce Additional Information. 😉
  1. scroll down to comments section here : hxxps://bit.ly/edited and yes - as I mentioned above I use linked topic here : hxxps://bit.ly/edited I hadle this with those 2 ways and it doesnt work. Contet has been hidden in forums topics but the same content doesnt hide in comments in article.
  2. hxxps://bit.ly/edited - I use forums posts as comments in pages articles. Maybe this is the issue here. I doesnt work at all for all hidden content - spoilers, code boxes and links. In forums topcis works fine.
  3. leaving content untouched and hide only in comments doesnt work in pages database.
  4. links are visible in All Activity (*/discover/ url) section os IPS Community, but are locked in topic view - by design ? any chance to include comments but exclude records content (articles in database) ? fine solution for articles that has linked topics in forums (topics stores comments for article) - both sections will have blocked links.
  5. take a look on sub categories in db and lower boxes allign.
  6. @opentype could you take a look at my site : http://bit.ly/2GwjXgb, something goes wrong with box scaling with latest IPS 4.3.4...
  7. thank you, please do a quick test before every release ?
  8. 2.2.4 stops working on my site (doesnt hide links only) ? 2.2.3 works fine ?
  9. this badge on file : means that it already been tested and its compatible with IPS 4.3 ?
  10. @Adriano Faria can you provide any link ? donation definitly has a go
  11. there is no such thanks, will do but suddenly support staff woke up and said that :
  12. sadly IPS support team doesnt see an issue here : anyway - @Adriano Faria i see opportunity here for a nice plugin challenge accepted? mos def will pay for this
  13. It's tied to notification list ( urls points to this) - my guests can't see profiles and can access to followers lists...
  14. @opentypenope, this is not a theme issue. @Adriano Faria - exactly those Followers can bee seen by guests not only on topics but article categories, database records : https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/?do=followers&follow_app=downloads&follow_area=file&follow_id=8829 and files : https://invisioncommunity.com/notifications/?do=followers&follow_app=downloads&follow_area=file&follow_id=8829 I dont see a good reason why this should be public visible. It should be or admins should have a tool to limit those.
  15. I notice that sometimes googlebot try to fetch urls with lists of followers in topics, files and articles, for example : http(x)://siteurl.com/notifications/?do=followers&follow_app=forums&follow_area=topic&follow_id=* http(x)://siteurl.com/notifications/?do=followers&follow_app=downloads&follow_area=file&follow_id=* http(x)://siteurl.com/notifications/?do=followers&follow_app=cms&follow_area=records1&follow_id=* It would be great to add there an noindex tag on those url's and limit those only to registered members and hide them from guests ? I can't
  16. I dont need any refund, maybe we can sort this out in a later time I noticed that internal images that are to big to fit the post in topic view have links to bigger, original size. After hide only links those images disappear from post with http 404 and "FileStorage" string in source post. And this happen for logged users, guests still see hidden message. Try yourself in this scenario. Hide only links, attach some big dimensions images to post and reload topic view. of course, I know - thank you
  17. Unfortunately not, I had to give up your plugin. IT hides too much.
  18. Using 2.0 version - when i try to hide only external links (no any other resources) it hides also images that are scaled to smaller size in topic view (full image size under internal link) - mostly those attached in posts.
  19. exactly yes, right there for start - missing theme boxes styling and without byline, next checked plugin - it's off. nope, there are no any other users in acp For start I think its a cache issue, cache was pruned, plugin removed and instaled again and still byline and theme boxes are missing after a while. It takes 3 to 4 hours (as today for example - i posted this issue 4 hours ago just after reinstall and set up from scratch).
  20. I start from remove old plugin, remove templates, import templates again and install new version of plugin. All my settings was reverted to default ones. Again, remove plugin, install again and this two mentioned settings was reverted, but others are intact (like fallback image). Need to reinstall one more time again ? I didin't use "upload new version" feature.
  21. @opentype after upgrade supergrid to latest version I see some issues with the plugin, for example when I set "show byline" or "use theme box" after some time those setting are without reason turned off. Just like that. I need to change them again and after some time it happens again. plugin version is 2.2.0 (10001). Previous 2.1 version works fine and settings are saving permanently. I use IPS 4.2.6 with redis.
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