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  1. Some people might be posting using external content or links like imgur. So when it shows on the forum having it appear watermarked would be good. In the right direction yep 🙂 You would need to cover the center left, center right, center top, and center bottom. Would also need to allow for diagonals and offsetting/adjustments/placement management in case the default doesnt look right for some reason or is covering up some important part. You'd also want to allow for opacity/transparency adjustments. Awesome. Should be possible as it was previously and is on other platforms. Btw, I noticed earlier you added a new feature, selection of forum section, I would then add to this another feature which is the ability to not have some things watermarked. So perhaps by default watermarking can be enabled, but maybe there can be a front end option (if enabled by admin) that can be selected to bypass watermarking if a poster chooses so? Occasionally there might be a reason not to have something watermarked...
  2. Nice! Can I get those requests done stat if I become a customer 😊?
  3. 🙂 It is an inverse relationship imo. The more of those features you have the more likely it will sell and sell even better vs a minimalist basic setup. I would buy it instantly and probably pay more too if it had more of those options (which really only brings it in line with offerings like on wordpress and so on) GD has 7 formats? ImageMagick does like 200 formats right?
  4. Nice start 🙂 However are you planning to: -allow text watermark -watermark external content -allow watermark location management -allow watermark size/font size management -watermark existing content -being able to remove watermark (restoring original pics) ? What image formats does it currently work with? Any plans to include watermarking of other formats and maybe documents too?
  5. You guys should try listening to what your customers are actually asking for!
  6. Please make it happen. Not displaying the information is not a solution to the problem.
  7. I have several cases eg real names, obsceneish names, address names, otherplatformusernames and so on. Valid reasons to remove their previous user names. Removing old user names needs to be a core function, like it once was. No ifs or buts about it.
  8. How can we delete a member's display name history or a specific previous username?
  9. Does it send to banned members as well?
  10. This needs to be brought back in. Many excellent reasons for admin to override such a preference as discussed above. It is not IPS's place to impose on their clients what they should or should not have or worse police them. There are many valid reasons to override and this option should be brought back and used at the discretion of the board admin. Getting many complaints from members missing out on critical announcements since most by default, myself included, opt out as a matter of habit.
  11. No one knows how to move between servers/hosts nor what steps/procedures to take or follow?
  12. When changing hosts or servers what needs to be migrated to the new server and how and what steps need to be followed for it to work properly? Doing a quick test run and its not working... Steps followed: -Using cpanel on old server did a full backup using the backup wizard which was ftp'd to new server -Extracted the backup public_html into the new server same exact location -Backed up the original DB using cpanel database backup wizard. -Restored DB backup into new server DB and added same user/password combo -Edited conf_global.php to reflect new http location which is just an ip address for now since testing -Both old and new have the same permissions for public_html Thanks
  13. Invision? Will you ever improve PM functionality or not?
  14. Is this EVER going to improve or not? Clearly ElasticSearch isn't enabled on PMs. And now searches are limited to only 1 year old.
  15. When accessing the URL directly via browser from different IPs it appears to be working. But, in the admincp it states "The server did not return the expected response. Check Elasticsearch is properly installed and accessible from your web server. If you visit the provided URL in your browser you should see details about the installed version. Error: Connection timed out after 10000 milliseconds"
  16. How much RAM is yours needing? I guess could spin up AWS, install Elastic and pick something as close to site server as possible for best performance? What about security?
  17. How can I find this and what effects would it have? Would search result speed reduce by much doing it this way? How can it be secured?
  18. Is ElasticSearch available on the hosted service? Is this something that can run on shared hosting environment or strictly needs VPS? Minimum Specs? Can ElasticSearch be run on its own VPS and forum elsewhere? Any downsides to this arrangement?
  19. Confirmed and very strange. Invision can we get this to be default please?
  20. Agreed with the sentiments and have suggested before with no improvement made. @Ramsesx Have you tried the latest beta with Elastic Search enabled? Is Elastic Search activated for the Personal Message system?
  21. Is Elastic Search activated on the forum and in PM yet?
  22. Any official take or response on this please? Not that difficult to implement the change.
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