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    Eric Allione reacted to Samourai in Recent Posts   
    That's defitively a great mod :D But I beleive it would be great if it was possible to chose either to display it at the top or the bottom of the page (before or after forums list).
    Also, it would be great if it was possible to select wich usergroups can see it :)
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    Eric Allione reacted to zbahadir in BBCode Custom Tables Professional   
    Dark skin options to be added to the next version.
    I consider other requests.
    Next version will take a long time to come.
    Thanks for your patience.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Rimi in What's with the short editing windows?   
    :) I don't really understand why the editing window exists at all. Additionally I don't see why we're not allowed to hide our posts. :)
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    Eric Allione reacted in Edit tag into forum view with "topic_mod"   
    You could add the functionality to edit the tags directly, as you do with the topic title?

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    Eric Allione reacted to Christian M. in (M34) Guest Message   
    It works for me via 3.3.4, but I dont use it anymore since it gets in the way of the meta description.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael.J in (M34) Guest Message   
    Send me a pm for details, I do offer copyright removal but you do need to manually remove the message, instructions can be provided if necessary.
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    Eric Allione reacted to davemcnally in (M34) Guest Message   
    Just got this installed and set up. I'm wondering if it's possible to pay for the copyright link removal from the bottom right of the box? If not, no problem. Thanks!
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    Eric Allione reacted to Robert Simons in ProMenu Basic   
    there is also a setting for disabling the descriptions/tooltips .. but its per menu setting and not global .. which is what I assume you wanted .. but if its just single menus..I suggest just using the setting .. (advanced tab ..Disable Description Hover Over) .. otherwise .. make the adjustment in the template as I suggested above
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    Eric Allione reacted to stoo2000 in Member Map   
    I was thinking that we could automatically pull the Bing API key if it's setup with Gallery, would take a step out of setting it up.

    No, quite often users don't enter a real location, i.e. The Moon, Mars etc, I may include a hook to do this with a future version, I have not yet decided. There isn't any issue here to be fixed, the default view is 0,0 which is the center of the 'world', the map alters it's zoom depending on where the markers are on the map (this is actually a feature). You are however free to modify your templates, in mapGoogleJavascript you can remove
    bounds.extend(point); that will stop the map zooming to available markers.
    Further to the nopermission issue, have a read of the posts following the one you quoted, hopefully that will fix your problem. Don't forget you can copy+paste your API key that's already in the ACP and reuse if it you choose to re-install.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Robert Simons in ProMenu Basic   
    thats actually a description hover (though same concept as a tooltip) .. they actually should display one or the other .. but it can be removed totally via the template if desired

    within the template bit your wanting to remove this from ..find and remove

    <if test="disableHover:|:$menuitem['promenu_disable_desc_hover'] != 1"><if test="useDataTool:|:$menuitem['promenu_data_tooltip'] == 1">data-tooltip<else />title</if>="<if test="hasDescrip:|:$menuitem['promenu_description']">{$menuitem['promenu_description']}<else />{$menuitem['promenu_title']}</if>"</if>
    this will remove any data-tooltip or description displays
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    Eric Allione reacted to Adriano Faria in Member Map   
    How can I add my location ? :ermm:

    I click on button and shows a popup to type something... nothing happens. Loading... loading...
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    Eric Allione reacted to AtariAge in Member Map   
    Would it be possible to have some way to zoom into a particular pin? Such as double-clicking it, or adding a link to the Info box that would allow you to do that? Right now it's pretty cumbersome to try and zoom into a particular pin. Even being able to double-click the pin to center the map on it would help (since you could then zoom in more easily).

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    Eric Allione reacted to stoo2000 in Member Map   
    Just had a quick look on the Google Api site, that should be a real easy addition. I'll get that one in for the next Beta/RC.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Tutorials   
    Choosing to Like an article will do both, it will notify you about updates made to the article and new comments it receives.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Inu in Tutorials   
    Hey Michael, I intend on using this as a fiction archive, does it allow the tutorials to be broken into several pages but still children of the parent tutorial?

    Edit: Saw the demo. Is it possible to label each page with a name or at least configuring a drop down to work in place of the pagination.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Tutorials   
    Try going to the Manage Applications & Modules page in the Admin CP and clicking the Recache Apps & Modules button.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Tutorials   
    It can, of course, be skinned any way you like. Most folks like the fact that it doesn't look radically different than the rest of the forums.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Tutorials   
    On the Admin CP Members tab, click on Manage User Groups to edit the basic user group permissions for each group (when you click on a group to edit it, there will be a tab at the top of that form for Tutorials system permissions), and in the Manage User Permissions page you can edit the per-category permissions for each permission mask.

    Would you mind me asking which user you are over at my forum? Your name's not familiar to me, and I just want to be sure I'm actually taking to one of my existing customers.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Global New Topic Button   
    You'd need to edit the Board Index -> hookNewTopicBoardIndex skin template.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Global New Topic Button   
    Something like that could be written, yes, but it would be similar to the Queued Items hook in that each app would need its own extension file that told this hook how to behave.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Global New Topic Button   
    It's not attached directly to the View New Content button, it is attached to the 'showhomeurl' hook point. That is what the skinner moved if the button shows up somewhere besides where it sows on the IP.Board skin.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Global New Topic Button   
    Just released an update that changes this hook from being something that only shows on the Board Index to being one that shows on every page. Note that you will need to uninstall the old hook before you can install this version, if you try to just install this new version you'll be prompted to uninstall first before you can then install this update.

    Once installed, the button will now show on every page, and you have new settings to either whitelist or blacklist pages that you want to show the button on. It works similar to the pages list used by the Shoutbox app, if you're familiar with that.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Enkidu in Thank for you adding the quick navigation to the top   
    but the icon shape is rather .... funny don't you guys think? Maybe something that reflects navigation or browsing would look better?
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    Eric Allione reacted to Michael in Global New Topic Button   
    If you edit the settings for this hook, go to the Files tab, and then change the "The hook 'ID'" setting to 'showQuickNav', and the "Position of template hook" setting to '(post.endif)'. That should move the button between VNC and the Quick Nav.
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    Eric Allione reacted to teez in MoonSkin 3.3 Pro Dark Skins [UPDATE]   
    File Name: MoonSkin 3.3 Pro Dark Skins [UPDATE]
    File Submitter: teez
    File Submitted: 07 Oct 2012
    File Category: Themed Skins

    Kompatybilne z :
    Custom Sidebar Blocks IP.Blog IP.Downloads IP.Shoutbox IP.Nexus IP.Gallery Inne..

    Mój drugi autorski skin, tworzony od zera. Z racji braku inspiracji zacząłem eksperymentować z przeźroczystością tabel. Bardzo mi to przypadło do gustu, po czym zrobiłem tak większość forum.Zmieniłem również całą czcionkę. Przy okazji poznałem właściwości box-shadow, które również użyłem w szablonie. Styl jest na tyle uniwersalny, z racji takiej, że po zmianie tła na inny tematycznie, jest w stanie przystosować się do niej, chociaż może potrzebować małej edycji.

    Nie chciałem zostawić zwykłego loga. Zastosowane w w/w skinie po najechaniu na niego kursorem płynnie się obraca, a następnie wraca do swojego pierwotnego stanu. Dodatkowo dodałem do tego przeźroczystość, która również z czasem zmienia się. Wygląda to bardzo efektywnie.

    Menu w którym zastosowane są zmiany tła w krótkim okresie czasu, podczas przejścia na daną zakładkę. Dodatkowo zastosowane cień tekstu oraz przeźroczystość. W pasku umieściłem skrót do wyszukiwarki.

    W profilu użyłem przeźroczystego maintitle z poświatą w okół, boczne menu ( Friends, Topics, Posts [..] ) zmieniłem jedynie kolorem oraz usunąłem animację. Zedytowałem również okienko z aktualizacją statusu, aby bardziej upodabniało się do reszty skina.

    Przeźroczyste tło wraz z podświetlonym maintitle. Dodatkowo poświata w okół avataru.

    Zmieniłem całkowicie widok panelu użytkownika. Skasowałem tło oraz dodałem cień.

    Dobitna zmiana cytatów. Dodatkowo po najechaniu kursorem płynnie rozświetla się.

    Mój ulubiony fragment. Po dłuższej pracy otrzymałem taki efekt. Dodane podświetlenie w okół przeźroczystego maintitle oraz avatarów, zmienione buttony. Przeźroczyste tło postów oraz informacji o autorze.

    here to download this file
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