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    Eric Allione reacted to Dmacleo in Download: [HQ] Google CSE -lite-   
    same on test board which is fresh ip 3.3.4 with no mods/skins installed.
    google option just isn't there.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Dmacleo in Download: [HQ] Google CSE -lite-   
    not sure why option not showing up in search box though, that is odd.
    going to mess around and see if I can see why, may be hook conflict or something as I tried on live site and not on test site.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Dmacleo in Download: [HQ] Google CSE -lite-   
    doesn't break anything on mine but the option to use google never shows in 3.3.4.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Dmacleo in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    shoutbox extender in market already does this

    well maybe not now

    just saw you already looked at it.
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    Eric Allione got a reaction from tAPir in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    I would agree with you on this normally, but in this case it's basically the same code as shoutbox 1.3.7 and is just another upgrade. It's just called 'Beta' because some of the advertised features (like a built-in notification system) have not been developed yet.

    I am running Beta2 and it is working perfectly. However, I wouldn't try running any 3rd party shoutbox hooks.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Mikey B in Download: Shoutbox   
    Let's keep this topic clean, guys, please. The current discussion is going no-where but back and forth. This is a support topic, so let's keep it as such.

    I'm sure JLogica will answer your questions about 3.4 when he actually has a chance to look at 3.4. (which isn't even released yet).

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    Eric Allione reacted to Ryan11433 in Download: Shoutbox   
    Just a reminder from me that I say 12.50 is not that bad per year. Again this is a support topic which is not a forum for people to argue about a product being free or not.
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    Eric Allione reacted to DeRealDeano in Download: Shoutbox   
    Come on guys, lets stick to the topic this thread is for support not a back and forth battle on this or that. Development is costly and to be honest $12.50 a year for a mod that we all use and like isn't expensive at all, lets be real. When Micheal had it he choose not to charge and he ended up pay the price for that and now that Larry took it over its only fear if he want to charge a little extra to compensate for his time and dedication.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Andy Rixon in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    What? Your charging for Shoutbox I can understand why your charging for this, but why have the price so damn high. Many of us like me rely on shoutbox for instant messaging on our websites, and I can not even afford the $12.50 offer you have going right now. Personally, I'd lower it to $6 with $6 annual renewal, if I had taken this application over and decided to charge (Which I wouldn't of) that's what I would of charged.

    Never mind, just noticed you still have a free version as well. I should really learn not to jump the gun sometimes :(
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    Eric Allione reacted to Pete T in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    File name: [IF] IPB Shoutbox
    Submitter: Pete T
    Submitted: 10/22/2012
    Category: Utilities
    Demo :
    Discussion URL :
    Supported Versions: IP.Blog 2.4.x,IP.Blog 2.5.x,IP.Blog 2.6.x,IP.Board 3.2.x,IP.Board 3.3.x,IP.Board 3.4.x,IP.Calendar 3.2.x,IP.Calendar 3.3.x
    Support Info : http://invisionfocus.com/support/

    Shoutbox is a feature-rich Shoutbox system for your IP.Board. Shoutbox will enable your users to send shouts to each other and allow others can read them. Your very own micro-blogging system, without the need for Java, Flash or any other browser dependency!
    IP.Board 3.4.x - Yes
    IP.Board 3.3.x - Yes

    Please note: Will need be signup for any support and all update files will be posted here at IPS and Invision Focus.

    View File
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    Eric Allione reacted to teez in MoonSkin 3.3 Pro Dark Skins [UPDATE]   
    Go to ACP -> Look & Feel -> MoonSkin -> CSS -> ipb_styless.css -> find ipb_wrapper { and change min-width, and width.


    Update skin! :)
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    Eric Allione reacted to The Old Man in Editor?   
    I just want to be able to post tables from Word documents that will display and edit properly and save properly. At the moment its a lot of trouble to do. Tables should be pretty easy for the RTE to handle I would have thought, bt I'm no programmer.
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    Eric Allione reacted to PSNation in Editor?   
    Would you agree that this change suits the new more than the old? What I mean is someone new joining the forum scene will have no problem adapting but someone who is used to BBCode will be left quite confused for a while.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Adriano Faria in Download: Shoutbox   
    $25?!?!?! Gotta be kidding!

    I'm out of here.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Telemacus2 in Download: Shoutbox   
    I remember when Michael (not the "shoutbox" Michael, the guy from Devfuse) was first developing his amazing donations app, people were complaining about it not being free. They were using it to make money with it and still wanted the coder to do it for free!! (I got enough donations to cover the price I paid for it the first week, by the way).
    I'd like to remind everyone that most of us live in capitalist society where we actually pay for the time others invest on the products and services that we use. Anyone whinging about shoutbox becoming a paid product, well... guess what? you could have bought the copyright to develop it and support it for the rest of your life (support it for free too, now I'd like to see you do that!) or do what you wanted with it. You could, yes, but you DIDN´T.
    All it took was to talk to the previous owner (who, by the way, spent HUNDREDS of hours just supporting it and got very little for it in return except users providing negative feedback and requesting new features all the time, and nobody every suggesting that it become a paid product...) and reach an agreement.
    Now, you didn't do that but you still want Shoutbox to be what you want and not what the new owner wants? er... I don´t think that's very realistic.
    I've been around the ipb community for a while and have seen many coders come and go. Many mods come and go too... they worked fine for one version, then stopped working for the next and they were never updated. Needless to say, the mods that are most likely to become "abandonedware" are the free ones.
    Shoutbox is IPB´s most popular app ever. Some of the new features look promising. JLogica has made some free apps and thus contributed to the community also.
    We need to move forward...
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    Eric Allione reacted to 3DKiwi in License expired, how to download old version I paid for?   
    Perhaps let this serve as a wake up call that you should have a well thought up folder structure for saving important IPB etc programs and files plus a duplicate of everything on an external storage device.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Rimi in Trouble posting images on this forum   
    :) That's not an announcement it's a bug report.

    It only works on the tech support board for IP.Board. :)
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    Eric Allione reacted to Rimi in Trouble posting images on this forum   
    :) This board is currently on 3.4 alpha. http://community.invisionpower.com/resources/bugs.html/_/ip-board/images-everywhere-no-longer-display-r39485 :)
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    Eric Allione reacted to Adriano Faria in Download: Shoutbox   
    I don't know mate... AFAIK, free Shoutbox dies here, since we're having many changes on editor stuff for 3.4, like BBCodes, etc.

    I will for sure make it compatible with 3.4.0 to be used on my board and probably will release the edits as a tutorial on my board. Understand your point of view, sure... Go on with your paid version; I will keep the old one alive; at least on my board.

    PS: not that I like; actually I hate it. But my (damn) users like it.
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    Eric Allione reacted to FxG Biohazard in Download: Shoutbox   
    as this just changed to shoutbox(FREE) is there going to be a pay version coming out ??? if so what is it going to offer :) Im suprised it has been free this long to be honest...
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    Eric Allione reacted to rsyvarth in (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts   
    Updated. The latest version is now compatible with Shoutbox 1.3.7

    I highly doubt that this hook is causing these issues with your site. If you can somehow prove it then I will be interested. The hook itself doesn't ever even touch the database at all. The issue that you could be running into is that you installed this hook with the wrong version of shoutbox. It overwrites one of the core files in the shoutbox app and thus it has to be updated with each new version of shoutbox that is release. Using the wrong version of this app with your shoutbox would very likely cause problems. Try downloading the latest version and see if that helps. I am sorry for all of the trouble you had with the hook!
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    Eric Allione reacted to Aussie Cable in Smush.it   
    I have been testing this app and there are a few things that bother me with it.

    1. It does not refresh the page when I click on 'Smush All', so it times-out and we are redirected to index.php due to mod_rewrite
    2. It does NOT close mySQL connections properly (I have documented this in detail)

    If these 2 major issue's can be fixed, this will be a great app.

    Another thing is I would like you to add the screenshots of where this app is, in 'Forums', 'Smush It' >> 'Smush All' etc, members need a better description of how it works within the ACP.

    Here is my screenshot of where the app is, and please note that when in testing, the '0bytes' is only due to uninstalling, then re installing the app, there still was around 7 images left, but I simply could not get past them (no idea why, maybe timeout constraints of my php or Apache.......

    EDIT: I see that you have updated the screenshots

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    Eric Allione reacted to sijad in Smush.it   
    you can see the text in above of image

    this app use of apache (.htaccess) code for optimizing, i think its dont working for images(not as much as smush), have very different between them.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Pete T in Download: Shoutbox   
    File Name: Shoutbox
    File Submitter: Pete T
    File Submitted: 15 May 2009
    File Category: Applications

    Shoutbox is a feature-rich shoutbox system for your IP.Board. Shoutbox will enable your users to send shouts to each other and allow others can read them. Your very own micro-blogging system, without the need for Java, Flash or any other browser dependency!

    Note:For ipBoard v3.0 & v3.1 use Shoutbox v1.1.5 -- Fully Functional (No Support) - To Be Removed on 31/12/12 For ipBoard v3.2 & v3.3 use Shoutbox v1.3.7 -- Fully Functional (Forum Support Only)

    Policy & InformationChangelog FAQ Submitting a bug/issue report Upgrade Policy Full Shoutbox available here

    FeaturesSystem shoutbox Content Spy integration v1.3.5 Enhanced Statistics v1.3.5 MT Real Stats integration Coming Soon User name formatting v1.3.6 ** Sound notification v1.3.8 ** @user name formatting v1.3.8 ** Use as an announcement system (instead of as shoutbox) v1.3.6 ** No Branding/Copyright Line v1.3.8 **

    Click here to download this file
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    Eric Allione reacted to rsyvarth in (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts   
    File Name: (RSyvarth) Audio Shoutbox Alerts
    File Submitter: rsyvarth
    File Submitted: 11 Feb 2011
    File Category: Utilities
    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x, IP.Board 3.2.x, IP.Board 3.3.x, IP.Board 3.4.x

    This is a modification of IP.Shoutbox that adds a small audio notification whenever there is a new post in the shoutbox. It is very useful for active shoutboxes or if you just want to ensure that you never miss a message. It is especially useful when you are browsing the web on another tab but still wish to monitor shoutbox activity.

    Plays a sound on every new shout! Users have 100% control over volume level with View 1 Enabled Second Volume Display setting (Configured via ACP) which allows for a "Toggle Only" volume control to save space on the shoutbox interface. Third Volume Display setting (Configured via ACP) allows for a single button click volume toggle. Volume levels are attached to the account so once it is set it will stay with that user every time they view the shoutbox. So if they mute it, it will remain muted. Volume level updated via AJAX for a application like interaction (no refreshing while changing volume) Page Title notifications of new posts when you are on a different tab (Similar to Facebook Chat Notifications) Control whether an Audio Alert is played when you submit a shout (Hear sound for your own shouts)

    Requirements:IPB 3.x.x IP.Shoutbox 1.1.3+

    If you have any feedback on ways I could improve the application please let me know!

    here to download this file
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