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    Eric Allione reacted to Royzee in Download: ibProArcade Lite v1.0.0 RC2 IPB3.1 FIXED   
    NP, ibProArcade works well with V2 and V32 games. Current version is V4.2.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Tom Christian in Pulse by IPS Themes   
    To be honest, I don't see this as an issue. It's a design choice and that's why it's present in all of my skins. You're the first ever customer to ask how to change it, it's purely down to personal preference :smile:. I'm glad you've figured out how to change to your needs though.

    There is no way of defining a global font size I'm afraid. This is due to the fixed px sizing the IPB CSS framework uses. You'll need to manually find the classes in the stylesheet for the areas where you want the font size increased and either increase the existing font-size property value or add one yourself if it's not already there.

    Also - it's best to always avoid using !important as it'll more than likely break other areas of a stylesheet.

    Regarding premium ticket support - keen an eye out on ipsthemes.com :smile:
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    Eric Allione reacted to Marcher Technologies in Links Directory [IP.Board 3.4]   

    The first I am looking into and will file in my tracker in a moment.....
    The second:
    #content { background: #fff; ipb_styles.css I would think.
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    Eric Allione reacted to -RAW- in Songs In Profile   
    you can ignore those, just upload whats on the upload folder
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    Eric Allione reacted to RichardA in Pulse by IPS Themes   
    The main area's are really well worked on, and work perfectly! However when you start drilling down into the other area - they need a few touch ups :(

    Hopefully they can be updated to match the awsomeness of the rest of the design!
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    Eric Allione got a reaction from -RAW- in Songs In Profile   
    No I didn't. And it worked.... YESSSS

    I also put that .DS_Store file in the root. Please advise if that was the wrong spot..

    Also, I have no idea what to do with the stuff in the MacOSX folder. Where does ._upload. go? And can I ignore the files in the Mac readme folder?: ._images, ._scripts, ._style?

    Thanks for doing this and helping me out even though it says "unsupported".You should totally charge for this, would do anything to see this in 4.0.
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    Eric Allione reacted to -RAW- in Songs In Profile   
    since you are getting a white block , did you upload the .swf file?
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    Eric Allione reacted to Tom Christian in Pulse by IPS Themes   
    Hi Eric,

    Thanks for getting in touch. A lot of your questions involve custom modifications to the skin which is beyond the level of basic support that I offer. I suggest hiring a developer to perform any custom modifications to your theme. I'll ignore the navigation issue you've posted as I see you've sorted that. Thanks for posting the solution as well, hopefully that'll help someone else.

    1-5). If you're using Google Chrome, right click on the element you want to find the CSS class of and click 'Inspect Element'. If you're using Firefox, download an addon called Firebug, this will do the same thing. From what I can see, most of what you need to edit is inside ipb_styles.css.

    6). This sounds like a bug with IPB Responsive. Can I have the URL to your board so I can investigate?

    I'm afraid the same applies again. The support I offer only covers bugs and issues with the skin, not custom modifications. You could also check out the developer section. There's tons of developers that could perform these custom modifications for you for a small fee.
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    Eric Allione reacted to -FP in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    Shoutbox APP menu, in Hook: Global Shoutbox, change the position settings to something else, save, then change it back.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Lase in [IF] IPB Shoutbox   
    Good man.


    It's really good that you've made allowances for customising height. I would also include an option for width if it wasn't a major headache. It would be very useful. overall I'm very impressed with the number of options in settings you've clearly been tweaking it for years.

    It was also reassuring to get support within a couple of hours.

    Well done Pete.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Lewis P in iArcade 1.3   
    1) That was actually what the prune tool was created to do... it's not functioning correctly, however, and hopefully will be fixed in the next version.

    2) Fixed for next version.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Axel Wers in iArcade 1.3   
    iArcade should be regular app in IP.Suite. Currently IPB looks much more social network than common forum. And games are very popular in social networks.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Telemacus2 in iArcade 1.3   
    Yes, that's why paid mods are worth it. :)
    But I don't know... this is popular app, and if you get 200, 300 or +400 users times, say, 20... hmm... and those new smartphones, laptops, tablets + gadgets that you wanna buy, and that little present that would make you girl so happy and... ;)
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    Eric Allione reacted to Axel Wers in iArcade 1.3   
    I tested current iArcade with 3.4.0 Beta 5 and it seemed OK

    I would be able to pay few bucks when upgrades, fixes and new features were available.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Telemacus2 in iArcade 1.3   
    3.4 is out! (ok, just a couple of days)
    Maybe you could make this a paid app? the extra cash does help and we wouldn't feel guilty when demanding a fix or a new version. ;)
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    Eric Allione reacted to bfarber in Help me understand this licence renewal stuff   
    Regarding the download and the line quoted from the blog entry I wrote - what was meant by that is when we release 4.0.2 or 4.1.0 or any other version, all applications will be updated. As Lindy said, we won't be staggering application releases, and the primary reason for this is to ensure a much, much higher integrated experience. Often we may want to add a new feature to Gallery (random example) that requires a change in Board (random example), or perhaps we want to improve how Gallery albums are integrated into Blog entries (again, all random examples) - when changes like this span across multiple products, this becomes very difficult and often requires us to wait through several versions until we can ensure compatibility. With a "single release", we can do a lot more than we can now in terms of integrated functionality, which will benefit everyone.

    Your actual zip file that is downloaded will only contain the products you have active licenses for.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Nuclear General in (NG33) Image Align   
    Replied to your pm. :smile:

    -Don :smile:
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    Eric Allione reacted to Jυra in Feedback for the feedback   
    I think customers should argue and rage at each other to have the loudest customers win the change or feature.
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    Eric Allione reacted to MisterPhilip in Feedback for the feedback   
    Why isn't there currently a way to "vote" for ideas?

    No, seriously... why isn't there a way to crowdsource new ideas / improvements? While some topics are not new suggestions and instead questions / rants / issues, skiming through a majority are suggestions / improvements (especially in the specific app sections). Sure, I could go in and like a topic because I think it is a good idea, or reply with a "+1", but how does IPS keep track of that? What's an easy way for them to see what suggestions the community really wants to see?
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    Eric Allione reacted to Alfa1 in Feedback for the feedback   
    Being able to vote for a suggestion and being able to browse the top voted suggestions does entice people to vote more and it shows more clearly what the most popular requests are. People will go browsing the top 100 suggestions and vote for those they find most interesting. This also makes it possible to send all customers an email with the request to vote for the features they want.
    I've seen what improvement an application like uservoice can bring when it replaces feedback forums.

    Even if other factors are equally important, uservoice or similar makes feature demand much more clear.

    IPS is already listening carefully to what customers want and I think IPS does that very well. Nonetheless, I think something similar to uservoice would be an improvement. Especially if the voting system would be created with IPS software.
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    Eric Allione reacted to ADKGamers in Would you like to see a client directory?   
    I apologize, I meant to add that to my last post.

    So I will do that here:

    If you have any suggestions for more categories, PLEASE feel free to let me know and I will add it.
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    Eric Allione reacted to ADKGamers in Would you like to see a client directory?   
    After reading this topic a few times I've created this:


    Yes, it's a top-list site, but I believe that will help weed out the ones that aren't active or end up moving away from IPB in the long run. This will allow those who have active sites to stay at the top of the list for people to see.

    Also if anyone wants to create new graphics for the site as well feel free. The logo is 300x100. Small button is 88x31 and the banner should be 468x60. If more people start joining and posting their forums I will end up looking for some help with the site, so anyone who might be interested let me know.

    If you guys don't like this idea. . well I'm fine with that. haha Just figured I'd try to help the community out. But let me know either way!
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    Eric Allione reacted to Nuclear General in (NG33) Image Align   
    The Files folder is only used for the ReadMe.html file. Only thing you need to upload is the admin/sources/classes/bbcode/custom/ and public/style_extra/bbcode_icons.

    As for the .xml file itself; you don't install it as a hook. You import it through your BBCode Management page at ACP -> Look & Feel -> BBCode Management, at the bottom of the page is a section called "Import New BBCodes".

    Also, sorry for a late reply. I didn't get a notification stating there was a new reply to this topic. Or I might have missed it somewhere.

    ReadMe File States:
    BBCode Example [img_align img='files/screenshots/screenshot1.png' group='Used To Group Images Together' align='left or right' class='bbc_img' style='Your-CSS-Style-For-This-Image---border: 0; width: 150px; height: 100px;']Content To Wrap Around Image.[/img_align] Step 1: Upload Files Please upload all the contents of the "Upload" folder to your site VIA FTP, making sure to keep the directory structure intact. If you have renamed your Default "admin" folder, please rename the "admin" folder inside the "Upload" folder to your admin folders name. admin -> /admin/ public -> /public/ Step 2: Import the BBCode File Log in to your IP.Board Admin CP and visit the Look & Feel tab -> Post Content -> BBCode Management page. In the 'Import New BBCodes' section, browse to the XML file included with these instructions and click Open. Step 3: ACP Setup Still inside the Admin CP, visit the Look & Feel tab -> Post Content -> BBCode Management page, browse to the BBCode titled "(NG33) Image Align". Click on the Dropdown Arrow button, and click on the edit bbcode link to adjust the settings for this bbcode, then click the "Edit BBCode..." button.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Rheddy in Measures to Prevent Sign-Ups from Members like 'frsaclouisyk' and 'OpendeEn'   
    You're recycling this argument and simply not listening what we're saying. For some reason or another, someone must have tired of you at their site and simply placed you on the blacklist for spammers and trolls at SFS. What probably happened was that you posted something something on someone's site and they just opted to place you on the SFS database. Why were you placed on the list in the first place? You probably registered on some website/message forum where the admin has a very strict policy. Again, some forum communities are like that.

    I don't why this argument started in the first place, but if you're on the SFS blacklist, then you probably ran into an admin at some site or another, that has a strict policy about its members following the forum rules. I can name several forum communities that are like that, one of the biggest ones is "Megatokyo.com", which has been using IPB for a very long but whose community has been operating online for more than 20 years. They are one such community that happens to be very strict with their forum rules. They have to be and they rely on that very fact.

    An admin simply will not "blacklist" you for absolutely no reason. While going the SFS route to blacklist you from a large number of sites seems to be an extreme thing to do, it happened, and you need to move on. Play with your own community and go from there. I happen to think that SFS is a great resource and it serves a purpose. In your case, I would surmise that you angered some admin on another site and they simply opted to add you to the database at SFS. It's a little extreme, but you need to remember to follow the rules of a website, especially if you don't run it.

    Every IPB member here will tell you the same thing, or something close to it. When you register at any website, you are a guest in their "home". When you violate their website, you take a big risk from receiving any number of restrictions. Just remember, a forum account is a privilege, not a right.
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    Eric Allione reacted to Rheddy in Measures to Prevent Sign-Ups from Members like 'frsaclouisyk' and 'OpendeEn'   
    Jay, hate to sound blunt, but it is their own personal sandbox. The fact that you may have been blacklisted means that you probably ignored their forum rules, ignored verbal and posted warnings. When you register for an account on a website that you do not own or operate, yoou are a visitor there with privileges. Those privileges can be removed and your access restricted when you violate their policy.

    While I don't retailiate against members on my site or message forums, there are certain codes of coduct that I expect the members on my site to follow. Once every year, some idiot tries to push the envelope and I have gotten to the point where I don't even issue verbal warnings anymore. If someone violates the forum policy on my site, they simply get a permanent ban. I'm familiar with every member on my site and I know who is active, who isn't and who is a new member. When someone acts in a manner that disrupts my community, they do not get a chance to explain themselves.

    Please note that regular active and contributing members are often given some latitude, it's those members who post hateful content that end up on my "banned and blacklisted" list.

    I have found that those who own and operate their own websites will sometimes register and post derogatory messages on other message forums in order to generate traffic for their own site. This happens when you have a community that is very unique and there are maybe one or two communities similar to your own. My community happens to be very loyal and very dedicated and it happens that I have a very popular website that is often referenced by anime and news websites as well as the media industry.

    What I always tell new members, when they look like they're going to violate the forum rules on my site is that a forum account does not grant you the license to post whatever you want without censor. It's a privilege, not a right and that those rights and that access can be removed and/or restricted. Just remember, you are a guest on someone else's website. Be aware of the rules on that website and you will not get banned.
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