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  1. Looks like I can't post in P-to-P Technical Support anymore.. I am using Clubs on my site and would like to have content databases and pages in the Clubs area. That doesn't seem possible right now but perhaps I am missing something. RSS feeds can populate threads on the general forums but not on Club forums in the Admin panel. Is there a way you can change the destination in the database? You can move content from regular to Club forums so I am guessing this should be pretty easy. Any thoughts and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!
  2. I am pretty sure it didn't re-appear with the previous update when I deleted the notification. An easy fix is making myself a Moderator instead of an Administrator so I won't see the notifications anymore.
  3. I can only hide the update notification for 1 day and it returns again the next day. I removed the message in AdminCP but this banner keeps returning. My subscription to software updates expired so can not apply any updates. Any thoughts on permanently disabling this banner? I am not allowed to post in the tech support section anymore so posting it here.
  4. This box shows up at the bottom in Forum topics when you're not logged in. It doesn't show in Club topics and would be nice to have.
  5. I don't like the new format where the info and discussion area is tot he right of the image. It would be nice to have a setting to change it back to the previous format where it appears at the bottom of the image instead of the to the right. Most of our images don't have any comments and it makes the image small. with the big block on the right. The Following box is also covering up the maximize button.
  6. Thanks for the link. I looked through the recent threads but didn't see that one. That solution is not very obvious (I looked everywhere for a link..) but at least works. It sure would be nice to have a better and easier way to copy an image URL.
  7. With the new 4.3 version, I can't seem to find a way to get a url for an image in the gallery. It used to be you could right-click and copy the image link or open in a new tab/window. This is not showing anymore. How can I link to an image? It would be great if there was a button you can click for automatically copying a link for an image under Image Tools or Share.
  8. I mentioned that in my previous post about using Quick Translating to change to the name name on the actual site.
  9. Is this still the only way to rename Clubs? Quck translate to change 'clubs', 'club', 'all clubs', 'Clubs Directory' in many different places. Change the Friendly URLs I am getting so used to easy when changing anything in IPB 4. This appeas to be something that many admins want to do. I just want to make sure I am not leaving anything unrenamed, site maps, or mess things up with future upgrades,
  10. A few questions. 1. When an image is uploaded and resized according to the settings in this application, does it remove the original and only save the resized image? I used a similar Garage plugin on a vB4 forum and all originals were saved, resulting in demand for large storage space (several GB). I don't want to have to deal with this again. 2. In a forum post, you can click 'Insert other media - Insert existing attachment' and you can select from previous Post Attachments or Gallery Images. Can you also easily insert a Collections image like this?
  11. Is there a demo site or can anyone share the url of their site where I can check it out? Thanks!
  12. I have it on a vB forum since April of this year and averaged about $120 a month. However.. For October so far, it only brought in $3.50. Something seems wrong.
  13. It is very, very difficult to start a new forum from scratch. And it can take many years to get reasonable traffic. Facebook has taken over the need for many forums. Trying to get something established next to Facebook and the existing large forums being bought by large media companies is nearly impossible. Perhaps adding daily content like a blog may get it started but don't count on it. Don't want to sound too negative but I think that's the reality for new forums these days.
  14. My vBulletin site was flooded with spam bots. After installing an add-in requiring registrations to take at least 15 seconds between loading of registration page and actual submission eliminated all (or nearly all) spam bots. A system like that does work very good.
  15. Instead of talking to yourself and creating fake content, what about new forums that need some new content helping out each other to get things going? More here: http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/397452-help-out-a-new-community/
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