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  1. The 9700k won't be out for a while still, so don't wait.
  2. I don't think it needs to be this way. Especially in the wake of privacy concerns and political scandal over at Facebook. People continue using social media because it's more convenient but the tide of popular opinion is turning and board operators need to figure out how to exploit that. There's also some general usability issues with IPS4; and I'm not talking about with seasoned forum rats or power users here. To the general public, IPS isn't as user-friendly as Reddit or Facebook. But that problem can easily be overcome with a carefully curated set of plugins. The challenge
    I gotta say the dev folder generator is the single most useful tool in this package. It's allowed me to create an ultra-portable dev environment and has simplified a great deal of my work flow. Kudos. I certainly hope to see this extended onto 4.4.
  3. Intel announced on Friday that their 10nm Canon Lake architecture was going to be delayed into late 2019 and early 2020. The newest Epyc chips are already beating their Xeon counterparts where multi-threaded performance matters most. This is going to give AMD even more time to steal market share away from Intel. And it may allow AMD to eliminate the performance gap in the mainstream desktop market where single-core clock rates seem to give Intel a distinct competitive advantage.
  4. I'm only 40 and I've been getting mail from the AARP for a few years already for programs that I won't be eligible for any time in the next 25 years.
  5. I've actually done some evangelizing for golang It's really useful for writing REST APIs and InfluxDB is a godsend for writing monitoring tools. Having said that, adding another language and all its tools to the IPS ecosystem doesn't automatically make it more "modern." And it doesn't stop there, either. If we're going to write things in Go, why not Rust or Erlang or Haskell? What about the next fad language that becomes the flavor of the year? Your approach also has several drawbacks. For starters, very few commercial hosting companies support Go today. Or probably ever will.
  6. Do I detect a little bit of ageism here? "Old" people generally have a wealth of experience to draw from ?
  7. It hasn't been approved yet. Since it's the weekend and all, I don't expect anyone at Invision to take notice until Monday. It's being offered for free, so if you're interested in testing it out before then, that can be arranged. Hop on my Discord and I'll toss you a link.
  8. I withdraw this request ? I got impatient and did the work on my own. Thank you though for your consideration. For those that are interested:
  9. Version 1.0.1


    This plugin enables IPS to redirect the user to a URL specified by referer= after login. It's designed to be used in conjunction with non-oauth SSO bridges now that IPS Connect has been deprecated. For more information or help using this plugin, please join the discussion at http://www.corbe.net/forum/3-ips-referer-redirect/  Support us on Patreon today!
  10. This is a new thing I'd like to see included. IPS 3.x had this ability. Now that IPS Connect is gone, I'm working on rewriting a Wordpress SSO solution from scratch. It currently makes use of the IPS login form, but there's no way to redirect the user back to wordpress after logging in. I figure me referring users to KS would be a great way for you to sell a few extra copies if you're interested in doing the work.
  11. @All Astronauts Can you please bring back referer= so that I can redirect people to custom URLs after they log in?
  12. @Lindy and @Matt I've seen you mention elsewhere on the forum that IPS Connect was retired in favor of OAuth; citing concerns over GPDR compliance issues. OAuth is not well suited for applications which run on the same site. It doesn't provide a feature set which would allow a developer to seamlessly integrate two applications together. OAuth was really designed with the idea in mind of linking together two applications which are running on completely different sites. Applications running on the same site do not run afoul of GPDR because GPDR rules only apply to sharing da
  13. Not only do they keep your system up during a power outage, but they condition the current to your devices as well. Meaning, if you've got wonky wiring in your house or your local grid is run by an inept power company, you'll still be able to get a consistent and clean power source to sensitive electronics.
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