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  1. It hasn't been approved yet. Since it's the weekend and all, I don't expect anyone at Invision to take notice until Monday. It's being offered for free, so if you're interested in testing it out before then, that can be arranged. Hop on my Discord and I'll toss you a link.
  2. I withdraw this request ? I got impatient and did the work on my own. Thank you though for your consideration. For those that are interested:
  3. This is a new thing I'd like to see included. IPS 3.x had this ability. Now that IPS Connect is gone, I'm working on rewriting a Wordpress SSO solution from scratch. It currently makes use of the IPS login form, but there's no way to redirect the user back to wordpress after logging in. I figure me referring users to KS would be a great way for you to sell a few extra copies if you're interested in doing the work.
  4. @All Astronauts Can you please bring back referer= so that I can redirect people to custom URLs after they log in?
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