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  1. Single auth for two instances of IPS

    Hi there. I want to run second stand-alone instance of IPS community. In fact it will be absolutely different community with different content, but I want to let members of first community to log in (or copy their accounts or whatever) to second IPS community preserving their number of posts, profile details and reputation. Second community will be absolutely new, clean and hosted on different domain/server. Is that feasible?
  2. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    You may see an example of my Redis keys storage structure, and also what I saw in IPS Redis database... Okay, well, IPS is going to store some templates, widget codes etc. in cache storage engine, but there is almost nothing about core data nodes storage like forums, topics, posts etc. IPS keys pool looks more like cloaca rather than clear and well structured set of keys. So, okay, you save some MySQL resources getting heavy templates from memory cache instead of relative DB (MySQL) or filesystem, but it's just small piece of items, which are impacting performance. In my humble opinion, when we are talking about massive database, the main deceleration appears not because you fetch heavy data nodes from relative database, but it appearch exactly because you have to fetch too many small items from DB. But in case of IPS they are not going to be cached as I can see. For example - okay, I have over 1000 forums, each forum has over 100 attributes and around 200 access rights flags. Would you agree, that almost all attributes of all these forums and also access rights flags are not changing dynamically when forums is just running? They may be changed only if administrator is going to adjust forum settings in ACP. So, why not to cache all this faeces once after every forums goes to through [Edit -> Save] event? Next time you will have to reset cache only in case forum will be modified in ACP again! Another example, to make things even more clear: In my project I have few large tables in database with airports, cities and countries. Would you imagine, if I would need to build whole picture requiring details from all these 3 tables, how heavy could be my SQL query? How many JOINs I would have in query? What I have finally achieved is - I have duplicated almost all static data in Redis and in the very and now I have zero number of queries with sub-quesries. I get main node from MySQL with simple query, all other attributes I get from cache storage.
  3. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    I tried to use this plugin and force index board to not show sub-forums. But unfortunately it doesn't bring any performance boost. The real problem I see after deep dive is caching. I have already described this issue few posts ago, but nobody paid attention. Really - if you will dive deep into caching logs, you will find that entire HTML of index and other pages are going to be cached/stored directly in MySQL database. Even if you have configured some faster chache engine like Redis. Couple of weeks ago I have finished building my own high-load web-site. And I dived deep into Redis, took Redis engine as main chache storage. And I was really shocked how cool this engine can boost entire core performance if it's integrated/used properly. But after some analysis of IPS cache logs (with Redis enabled) I found that even IPS offers integration of many different caching engines out of the box, real cache usage is really poor. It's not integrated deep with IPS core functions.
  4. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    @Tracy Perry @CalvinK on one hand you are absolutely right and I'd fully agree with you. But on other hand - now I have >20k daily visitors, which are mosgly coming from search engines (~70% of traffic comes from google+yandex). And this is pure organic income. I'm really afraid that if I will destroy forum-per-model structure and switch to prefixes, I will lose a lot... So, it's not so easy to switch and you see - this subject is quite sensitive in my case
  5. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    @Lindy please kindly check the bug I've reported above (page cache for guests are stored in DB instead of file system). If I choose any custom cacher (like memcached or redis), page cache goes to the right selected cacher. But if no special cacher selected and configured, engine will store page caches to DB even if file system is set as right place to store cache. Thx.
  6. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    Like below Imagine - that's just a part on screenshot... there are also tablets and other type of devices. CDN may help to store static files. But here I face scripts performance issues
  7. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    I don't think that parsing of variables may become huge workload for high-performance server. If you have a lot of free RAM, everything should be cached well in RAM and work fast. But what I see is that if you set IPS to cache pages for guests, it will write cache to DB ignoring any caching method you choose/configure in ACP data store settings page. I was really frustrated, when I saw first time, how many GB are transfering to/from DB... now it seems I try to understand the root cause.
  8. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    I tried to use that plugin from marketplace to hide subforums from board index. Unfortunately it doesn't improve performance of board index page at all Can't really reduce number of forums. But I know very old community, which is still running 3.x or even older version (http://4pda.ru/forum/), they have more than 2000 forums and over 10000 online users at the same time is absolutely fine for their board...
  9. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    When you are running community about mobile phones and other products of some brand for 5 years and you have to create 1 forum for each model + at least 3 sub-forums for each - it's real and infortunately there is no better way to organize content
  10. IPS Forums - not ready for a large number of forums?

    Also I have enabled SQL queries log display (to see them all right to the page) and I found, that page caches are writing to DB instead of file system, althrough I have set to store chache in file system in ACP. Why? /datastore/ folder is writable, all tems. files and folders inside are also writable, no any "frozen" files.
  11. Any IPS 4.1 high-load community examples?

    Guys, Please look at this: And share information about your number of forums (if you are also facing similar performance issues). Thanks.
  12. Hi guys. You may remember, recently I was sharing my concerns about general low performance of IPS 4.x. It is still making me a little bit crazy. The most slow page I have is board index (where all the forums are listed). Sometimes it takes up to 3-5 seconds to load this page. Just to remind: I have powerful multi-core CPU + SSD + a lot of RAM dedicated server running my community. I tried everything. I tried to disable all plugins and 3rd party app to make my community become virgin again. I tried to tune up MySQL settings, I tried to enable OPchache. Whatever you can imagine. At the same time I was always looking at official InvisionPower community (this one, yeah), I always looked how fast board index page is loading here and it was making me nervous all the way. God, how come it works so fast? - I thought in hearts. And finally today I have noticed the main difference between my community and this one (InvisionPower official). We have almost same number of visitors (avg. 300-500 online at the same time), almost same number of posts (over 500k). But there is one difference. We have different number of forums. My community has over 500 forums, but IPS community has just few (I think less than 50, I'm lazy to count preceisely). And therefore my board index page is quite long (3 or 4 screens), but IPS community board index is very short, even less than 1 screen. What I tried to do, you know? I just tried to make a copy of my community on test server and remove all forums except few. I left just 4 or 5 forums. And you know what? After I have reduced number of forums, my board index page is just flying like damned swallow in the sky before summer rain. Meanwhile I have to say, that almost all other pages (forum view, topic view etc.) are loading quite fast even with high number of forums. So... dear IPS team. Could you kindly comment on this? I'm really frustrated a bit that you are running such great and powerful app with beautiful code. But there is such bottle neck right on index page. Hope you will investigate this problem ASAP and get back with positive feedback! Thanks!
  13. Any IPS 4.1 high-load community examples?

    It seems same sh*t for everyone Thanks for responses, guys!
  14. Dear IPS team, I'm experiencing quite nasty troubles with my IPS 4.1 self-hosted community, which is quite heavy in terms of DB size (>4GB already) and daily page views (>70k). Even for 8-core Intel Core i7 CPU + 32GB RAM + SSD it appears to be quite hard job to run IPS engine scripts, server goes down quite often running php-fpm environment. Do you know any examples of other high-loaded communities running IPS 4.1 suite? Maybe their administrators can share some experience? OPcache helps a lot, but still... looks like IPS suite engine is very heavy. Different from older 3.x versions We have faced even higher page views rate 2 years ago, when we used IPB 3.4. But we've never faced any performance troubles like we face now. And it's not DDoS or any attack-related behaviour, already checked for that. Thx.
  15. Easy way to remove SQL tables prefix?

    phpMyAdmin 4.5 can do this easy. Try it.