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  1. Is 'Post before register' enabled?
  2. A different approach... In the above, are you referring to getting the IPB v3.x installation working before proceeding to do an upgrade? If so, you're going to need to ensure that you have a version of PHP that is supported by v3.x - which will mean PHP 5.x, as PHP 7.0 and above won't work. Incorrect - PHP 5.6 or lower, depending on the version of 3.x. I may 'work' but it wasn't officially supported and was never required.
  3. It is, yes twitter.com has a different oembed endpoint to x.com, hence the fix in 4.7.13 to account for it.
  4. Have you upgraded to 4.7.13 yet? There are changes to the endpoints for oembed.
  5. OK - if you think so then crack on and bring it up with CKEditor support.
  6. Um, yes CKEditor is integrated into the software. Doesn't change the point I am making - it's Invision's plugin, not CKEditor's...
  7. Yep - adding contenteditable=false to an element makes it non-editable in a CKEditor. The problem is that the template for the quote isn't a template you can easily edit. Also, there's a bit more going on under the hood in the CKEditor plugin land. I've got a hacky way of doing it, but I won't share it as it requires a file edit: TEST - A Test Forum - Invision Community — Mozilla Firefox 2023-09-22 11-06-09.mp4
  8. Coming back to this one - the reason the above isn't working in this situation is because the page/database is not using the suite wrapper, and therefore the required javascript elements aren't being loaded to handle the menu requests. First time this situation has come up so requires a bit of thinking about. Progress can be followed at https://www.ynwa.tv/topic/163845-pages-add-support-for-pages-which-do-not-use-suite-wrapper/
  9. They are perfectly fine if all members of the site are male. But they're not so... "A member requests their account is deleted" "A member requests their PII Data"
  10. Feedback - Invision Community — Mozilla Firefox 2023-09-18 16-36-46.mp4 I did mention that it was the feedback forum that this was happening in - you are using the "Invision Community Insider" forum for your test.
  11. If I was you, as you have moved server, then I would be checking the storage paths are correct in the ACP. It's somewhere in there, can't remember the location.
  12. Option 1: contact your host and ask them for assistance with disabling strict mode in MySQL/MariaDB Option 2: disable or uninstall the resource that has added twoStep_activation to the core_members table (it's not a default column, it's from a resource you may have installed in the past) Option 3: go into your database, and set a default value on the twoStep_activation field in the core_members table
  13. I don't need it. An update will be out during the week sometime.
  14. Thank you - just doing some quick testing here, using your settings. My initial thought is that as you have nothing set to be hidden on the "Links" tab then you really should just toggle off the "Links" option on the 'Main' tab. I'll sort out the potential for someone doing that in the next release. Will look into the Youtube and text stuff in more detail when I have time.
  15. Can I also have a screenshot of your "Miscellaneous" tab?
  16. OK - I'll take a look into at some point over the next week. If an update is required, it will be released via my site (see provider link)
  17. OK - thank you; that is MUCH MORE helpful than what was posted. So, is the actual issue better described as the following? In the post, there's a link, then a video then an image, then a Youtube embed However, when viewing as a guest, you see the hidden items as the following (based on the text for hiding) Image (which is incorrect, as it's a link) Video (which is correct) Image (which is correct)
  18. Also - you installed the app twice today; prior to that your last update/install was done in May. Is the above issue something that appeared BEFORE you did the 2 installs today, or is one of those installs an update to the latest version? Or has this issue suddently appeared for you, which then lead you to do the 2 installs?
  19. No idea - you've said lots there but not provided helpful information such as what version of the application you are running; what version of Invision's software you are running; maybe a screenshot of what it is that you are describing? And some screenshots of your settings would also be helpful. You can delete tables from your database if you wish, but I've not idea why you would do so - hint: this application doesn't have any tables in your database. So...start again with the request for support...provide better information and then I can assist you.
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