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  1. Yes you can choose award multiple in the options if that is what u mean
  2. @MakotoSo i cant use our discord chat from discord? I need control over our room as to keep out the trolls and permissions in our own chatroom. I have brilliant discord for logging into discord and it loads our chatroom on discord, but what I am asking is can we use our own discord chat using your app?
  3. @Makoto I want to bring our Discord Chat into the IPS forums we host. I am on a VPS with our community. Id like to replace the current Chat program on our IPS community and use our Discord Chat and rooms on from Discord on our IPS community. Will this App allow us to bring our Discord Chat rooms into our IPS community?
  4. We have a discord on discord.com. we have our own room and bots, can i use our chat and bots with this app?
  5. any updates on being able to use our own discord channel and bots?
  6. @SoftwareFactory.I seem to be having a silly issue. I put the block up on my site, I am logged into my site, i cannot click the discord chat link...its like it not linked to allow me to use the chat. Did i miss something that I should have checked in a box? Clicking the chat now does not do anything.
  7. @InvisionHQ I would love access...thank you 😄
  8. @Mike John its not even allowing me to turn it off as I dont use this feature. All 3 major browsers..same thing @Mike JohnI got it figured out, I apologize for not getting back to you sooner.
  9. @Fosters Same issue as above, I get all fields showing. This is a suggestion: Let us sort and output by our profile fields instead of being confined to those output fields that are pre determined.
  10. @Mike John its not even allowing me to turn it off as I dont use this feature. All 3 major browsers..same thing
  11. @InvisionHQ is this compatible with 4.4?
  12. @Fosters How would I add other items to the sort by menu? I'd like to sort by my menu Profile Fields:
  13. @TAMAN I want to use this as a group rosters page also. Does this show teams by itself? I am looking to sort by our Teams, which would show our squads which are broken down into groups and then members are in the groups. For example: Call of Duty>groups in CoD>show members in said group. THis also works for Battlefield/rainbow six/destiny etc. I just want to be able to display without having to have a clan war.
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