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  1. i hate the new support system, wish they would switch back
  2. Suggestion: Please make the slider have option for which "Pages" to display on , i only want on my index but its showing on all my pages example... https://www.mymilitia.com/live-stream/
  3. @Sonya* there is an error with the signature editor i tried 4 times to add my url and when i checked it is put the crazy one in... I think i have fixed now... you will find 2 fake urls and a real one ...
  4. Just saying that the AdminCP does not care what you have favicon set at in the settings it just uses what you have in your root as favicon.ico
  5. must be this junk software ;D ... jk, obviously im not putting the link in my signature all jacked up like that on purpose, dont matter anyway , xenforo user menu is far superior to IPS i hate using it so i will just leave the link messed up as an act of defiance
  6. 4 levels of staff, and L is club leader you automatically get promoted to that group if you start a club fixed thanks not sure how that happened
  7. the “:” is hard coded in the template
  8. add this to custom CSS .join_date, .ipsResponsive_hidePhone { font-weight: bold !important; }
  9. i have removed it see how it looks 😞 https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/topic/63762-military-branch-badges-thank-you-for-your-service/ they are huge and not centered
  10. didn't work out for me 😄 they are not over lapping like they are suppose to
  11. you are replying to notification emails sent from the server , if you want to reply to this person you have to go to the message and reply
  12. how can i remove the shadow and alignment of my icons here,, they look perfect on default theme but on magnum they have a big shadow and are not centered (or over lapping like there are suppose to be)
  13. mine do not overlap each other and they are not even centered
  14. Our members really like the Tabbed forum home, makes the site much cleaner and organized , thanks for this!
  15. can you please add an option on the latest gallery images block for us to choose to show reactions ? it already has a comments icon, reactions would be better for us as most people react and not comment
  16. Can you fix the members map posts - Should say USERNAME posted a marker on the map Also guests posts show in the feed but not on the site
  17. Looking forward to Smart Notifications in 4.5 (that know you already seen the content)
  18. fix3r

    Magnum Theme

    Great support, Great Updates couldn't be happier with this theme. i have hundreds of dollars in Invision themes and by far this one it the best and fastest. Really glad we switched to this the slider is awesome and the ability to use google fonts is something i never even thought i would use but i have found the perfect font!!! #nottelling! thanks @TAMAN you should be really proud of yourself here.
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