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  1. Ok, my mistake, it was advert of "start your own community" other option: https://invisioncommunity.com/features/commerce/ But still, I don't think we need Commerce. What is for exactly? I think commerce is rather for making shop or something like that, we don't need it, I just want to have Classifieds 🙂 And one other thing: Integrates to Commerce, so you can choose a specific payment gateway, tax, fee and comission and use multi-currencies. I wonder if it support some Polish payment stuff. In other case it will be useless in my country.
  2. Any chance for some version without it? Which exactly options are used from Commerce? I can buy app - one time payment is fine for me (even renewal is OK), but paying 45USD to IPS monthly is too much for us, when we want only run this plug, and don't use Commerce at all.
  3. Hi, I want to buy this plugin. Is there any demo of it? Or anybody can give me link for his page, where is it working? There is description and screenshots, but is not the same. Thank you guys. Another thing is that plugin requires Commerce part of IPS. I see it cost a lot - 45USD/month. I don't need whole commerce stuff, I don't want to lunch shop in my site or sth like that, I just want to have pretty, nice Classifieds for my users. It is only way to pay this much monthly for IPS? I don't need payments. Users will contact and pay to each other without our site. So will plugin work only to show Classifieds without buying Commerce?
  4. Sorry, my bad. Yeah I switched it off and it still doesn't seem to be working. But for now without this issue
  5. I cannot do the same thing with plugin disconnected, because this link directs to a specific club which means that I cannot put club link when club plugin is disabled, because it does not exist then.
  6. We have an issue regarding clubs links, while trying to paste it in post we get an error. Anyone knows what that could be? https://www.audiostereo.pl/topic/146134-kluby-20/?tab=comments#comment-4625761
  7. Hello, we do have Mapbox installed at our forum https://www.audiostereo.pl/clubs/ We would like to change the initial zoom of this map to area that contains only our clubs labels. It would be great if that function would be available in the future release. Also initial starting point should be changeable f.e. for the center of Europe. There is no point to start from whole earth map for us.
  8. Any estimated time plz when we can see it? 🙂
  9. Do you have any idea how to create it? I found this file
  10. I just sent you everything at PM, thanks.
  11. Hi, I have reported a bug few weeks ago on PM, which was found and fixed by author. It is related with showing club icons on user hovercard profile. But I don't see an update of plugin till today :( Hope to see it soon plz :)
  12. @Fosters Still, why replace trophy isn't working, thats the main issue. Even if i wait 24 hours it doesn't do anything.
  13. Greetings, in opinions section at our forum: https://www.audiostereo.pl/opinie_sprzet/ we cannot pick model name field as title. It results with generating link in a browser for each opinions with another field that we cannot set. In example below link consists of word "od znajomego" which is an user answer for a question in a field "Gdzie kupiłeś/aś oceniany sprzęt". This field is able also to be taken as a main title of this database. I need to change that (which I done but it causes problem as you will see further). It causes also a problem with this particular field which I selected as a title. Its content disappears. IPS Technical support said that we cannot change a page title to model name field, because it requests external database (which is true, users pick model name using our database). But besides that I changed "field_title" manually in server file as below: Which states for a model field_id: I'm using this database in a test side https://www.audiostereo.pl/opinie_sprzet_test/ But this "title_field" change causes another problem - it takes also HTML tags as below. What I want to do is to get rid of those HTML tags with only models names. I don't want to do that with JS or something like this. I want to be able to change that in server files (those xml or php ones). So my question is: how to change that? What is the function that stays for taking those fields and showing them as a list? I need files names and functions that opinions consists of because I couldn't find those. Thank you
  14. Is "Replace Trophy" option working for everyone? I am trying to use it but no matter how i configure it all of the trophies are present. I want to have my default "grey trophy" for every user, then replaced by "5 year trophy" if reqs are meet, then replaced by "10 year trophy" etc. Also i just set up a trophy for 1k posts and i spotted forum member with 2k+ posts not having a trophy.
  15. Ok, fine then it should be some call to action. Empty tab is not the best way I think 🙂 Better would be all trophies, but inactive (in grey) for example, or something like you have 4700 posts, earn 300 more to next trophie! Or something like clubber - 2/3 archived (join 5 more clubs to top level) etc. etc. 🙂 Peoples love it.
  16. Ok, Ive found some from flaticon page. But some previe on trophies list will be great. It will be much better to compare one to another. Something like this:
  17. Support for more icons 🙂 4.7 from your page have only 975 icons, and its hard to search something fine for me for 5, 10 and 15 years trophies.
  18. Ok, so please can you add a feature in some next version? Its better to hide trophies, clubs and other for people who have this empty. I see it, but there are not so many icons there. On site there's a lot more. For fist try I want to make trophies for 5, 10 and 15 years on our page. I want to put there some medal or stuff like that. Do you recommend any? Even yours example its not working: fa-star in this picker.
  19. edit: I also tried to put it manually and pasting the code like: fa-medal or fas fa-medal or even full <i class="fas fa-medal"></i> but its not working 😞 Hot to use this icons? Please help.
  20. Hi, Ive just bought this plugin for our community. Tab from medals & trophies is visible on user profile, even when he don't have any trophies. How to disable it please? And another thing - Use FA Image option. Picker don't show all icons from https://fontawesome.com/icons?from=io. For example I write medal, and its empty, but there are icons for medal on https://fontawesome.com/icons?from=io page.
  21. Any particular files that I could edit? Cannot find them at all in ACP
  22. Ok, and one more: After migrating this one (with selected option - Add items authors as club members when manually moving items to a club😞 https://www.audiostereo.pl/topic/48759-klub-miłośników-studio-16-hertz/ to club, there is only... 30 members. The topic have over 700 pages, so it should be muuuuch more. Maybe its to long, and somethings wrong? edit: I see that it add only few members, sometimes few more. It must crush on something. Maybe on guest posts?
  23. Ok, I have found some bug (feature?) at plugin. Can you fix it please: Number of Club Icons to display - I have set 7 at Hovercard Profile, and 3 at Posts Panel, and it shows... 3 here and here. So Post Panel option overwrites Hovercard settings ;/ I want to show only 3 last clubs under posts (there is no much place there), and full list (7 is max I think) at Hovercard, but cant make it right now.
  24. Ok, just to inform you - we have got patch from IPS (thank you) and clubs works fine now - with plugin turn off and turn on 🙂 So Im glad. The error of creating 5 the same tabs is related with this sql error. After patching sql error there is no 5 tabs bug.
  25. We did of course. But I also give you feedback (this is the name of this forum). The big feature as clubs is very bugged. We also make some suggestion to make it better - in clubs should be some call to action on bottom of topics like join conversation, join this club etc. There is only small button on top of club right now. we also put here some screenshot to show it, how make it, but of course solution from IPS would be better.
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