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  1. Lindy


    We will explore the possibility of extending the hold time for those interested. We've found most prefer to leave a message with the operator. On typical days, this often works out best for everyone as many issues beyond "how do I" cannot be resolved while you wait on the telephone anyway. Unfortunately, we're experiencing an incredibly high volume of support requests as people adjust to the new releases. I'm sorry you had to wait longer than usual, but glad your issue was resolved. Thank you for the feedback.
  2. I've located your payment and processed a refund. Please let us know if we can be of assistance in the future.
  3. Lindy

    Spam service

    I think we've been quite fair and reasonable throughout this and fortunately, most customers seem to agree. Legacy customers expressed concerns about being excluded from service offerings. We listened and devised a solution that we feel to be fair for all that allows those interested in retaining their legacy licenses while having access to new services, an opportunity to do so. Clearly, we can please some of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but never all of the people all of the time. As we always try to do, we've welcomed your feedback, taken it on board and did our best to devise a solution. We're happy with the end result and have no intention of making further changes at this time. As there's nothing further to discuss, I'm going to put this to bed. If you have any further concerns please feel free to contact us.
  4. I've not yet been able to find the appropriate answers for you yet, but I sincerely apologize for this oversight and delay. I will speak to Jason and we will get this resolved for you shortly.
  5. We're pretty pleased with the response times as of late. Not all critical issues are addressed within minutes (unless of course you have a business license) - but there's no solid way around that, unfortunately. We've tried the priority ticketing in the past - it was frankly, a disaster. Not abusing the system sounds nice in concept, but truth be told - if you have an issue you perceive as critical, nothing else will matter. :) We have an emergency system for our hosting department and although there's a large disclaimer at the top of the screen indicating a $25 fee may be imposed for abuse of the system (defined as an issue that isn't a result of a site being completely inaccessible)... it doesn't stop those who genuinely feel their issue is an emergency (and this ranges from "can't log in to my board" to "I can't get an e-mail.") The only fair way to handle issues is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Fortunately, the wait times really aren't that long for "normal" issues. :)
  6. IPB 3 is in no way connected to our main site, which this topic is about. :)
  7. I'm going to investigate this further, though the name on the account does not match that which you've posted here and there appears to have been a couple license transfers for this account - this may take some time to sort out, if we're able to do anything.
  8. Best advice I've heard all week! We need some time to determine what, if anything, we can further do to accommodate legacy customers. No sense beating this very dead horse in the meantime. :D
  9. For the lack of a better example, think of it in mobile phone terms... you may have a formerly offered unlimited plan for $99/mo. A great deal and it may very well suit your needs perfectly, in which case, you'd naturally keep it indefinitely. It's unreasonable, however, to expect all of the enhancements, subsidized phone prices and other benefits, without renewing your contract and selecting a currently-offered package, so-to-speak. If you want to keep your $99/unlimited plan; fantastic - your service will be the same as it always has! Unfortunately, you can't have the benefit of the old, promotional plan AND the advantage of getting all of the enhancements, access to the newest phones, etc. It just doesn't work that way. Sorry if you feel you're being forced out of your license -- that's certainly not the case. If you're like Nimdock and aren't interested in the enhancements and the license itself is more important to you, by all means, continue on - we encourage you to do so if it meets your needs. Unfortunately, we can't offer it both ways, folks.
  10. I fear you may be making an apples and oranges comparison, but allow me to note that this is a service -- a hosted service which incurs ongoing, real costs. It is not a software feature such as the FURLs. Naturally, we've made a commitment to all lifetime and perpetual license holders and we're very pleased to honor that commitment. We've never held back built-in features, nor do we intend to. You've received all updates as promised and will continue to do so. Unfortunately, we're not able to offer everything we do or will do as part of that initial license purchase as I'm sure you can understand and appreciate. We're certainly not trying to force people away from lifetime and perpetual licenses - they were both fantastic license offerings and you're free to enjoy the benefits for as long as you'd like. At the same time, it's worth noting that they are indeed former licenses that are no longer offered. While the benefits will remain the same as at time of purchase, we will not be adding anything to them, moving forward.
  11. We kindly ask that you remain patient for just a bit longer - all requests will be answered as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience. :)
  12. We appreciate the feedback and certainly understand your disappointment. While most definitely not an excuse, the release of IPB 3.0 has slowed things beyond even our expectations, in spite of adding additional staff and preparing to the best of our abilities. We've just today made some internal changes to the ticket system and staffing that should bring significant improvement to response times and overall support efficiency. Although our published response times are 48 hours, we pride ourselves on prompt support and I'm sorry we've been unable to deliver that to your (and our) standards. Thank you again for your feedback - you'll receive a response to your ticket soon and I assure you that once the dust settles, you will experience the great support that most customers have grown to know and appreciate from IPS. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have further concerns.
  13. Backups run this time of evening, so you will likely catch a hiccup or two as the database is captured.
  14. Made a few web server changes and corrected a hangup with the database - how does it seem now?
  15. We will keep the skin updated just as we do the default skin, yes. :)
  16. Lindy


    To be honest, there are no immediate plans to resume development of Nexus. We are of course using it internally and developing it for our own needs, however, since the beginning of its inception, the market has changed dramatically and we don't feel it fits the niche that it once did. What's more likely is, we will continue it's strong points via separate components such as the community content system, which will evolve a great deal over time. That's not to say that Nexus may not be revived at some point, there's just no immediate plans to do so. We have other development plans which we think you will find equally beneficial and exciting. :)
  17. Lindy

    Ticket Prioritizing

    There was a time when we had a "ticket priority" field that allowed the customer to assign a "High", "Medium" or "Low" -- would you believe that most customers selected "High?" :lol: Using your example, you would likely select "High" as well and if I were you, I too would consider the inability to register a high priority. Then again, the next 10 people who have database errors or are completely offline will also select "high." There's no fair way to prioritize as everyone's issue is critical to them at the time, understandably so. We've also tried having staff prioritize, but unfortunately, it takes longer to go through the tickets and prioritize than it does to just answer them. We typically have these topics crop up after a major release and it's understandable. In spite of increased staffing and resources, we are a little slower than usual just as any company is during the weeks following a major release. Although we state up to 48 hours, anyone who has been a customer for a while can tell you that responses can be as quick as a couple of minutes. We pride ourselves on providing prompt service and once the rush is over, things should return to normal. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience. :) Of course, if you have any other suggestions as to how we can fairly and accurately prioritize support requests, I'm all ears. Unfortunately, we've had limited success in the past. Edit: I just noticed you mentioned prioritizing your own tickets. We can check into the feasibility of this.
  18. Technically, yes, any type of session is counted. It is, however, worth reiterating that it is a soft limit, meaning, your board will not be impacted nor will you be charged for overages. As mentioned, if you regularly have 20 sessions with a 10 session package, you may be asked to upgrade; but we will not be actively enforcing hard limits.
  19. Lindy

    Website Hosting

    Correct, it used to include a license, but to distinguish between community hosting and straight website hosting, we've decided to no longer include IP.Board with website hosting and instead lower the prices and raise the limits to offer more value. Thank you for the kind words. :)
  20. I'm curious if we've made it clear that "10 users" means you may have 10 concurrent users online, actively using your forum at any given time. If this is not clear, we would love to know to avoid further confusion. For a starter forum, 10 users all online at once is relatively good, based on what we've seen on old packages. I do agree, 10 seems low, but it's really not for a $9.95 package. As always, we're open to feedback. :)
  21. Lindy

    New IPS Web Site

    We're working on the order pages....
  22. I like instant gratification - the forums are moved. How does it seem now? Note: As this is a fresh server, we may need to make a few tweaks here or there. You should, however, notice an obvious and immediate improvement.
  23. I hope to get the forums migrated this weekend. They're currently housed on our corporate VPS server which is under network stress due to all of the spidering, downloads, etc. It will hopefully be in its new home by Monday. :)
  24. This is technically infringement and thus not allowed. We will be contacting site owners who have chosen to use "invisionpower" in their name and working with them to comply with US trademark law, while still showing support for our product - which we truly appreciate.
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