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  1. With regard to the ignore feature, is there a way to also ignore those ignored users quotes when some other member quotes the ignored user's posts? Current, people can ignore each other but if I or someone else quotes that ignored user, the member who is ignoring the ignored member, has his/her quotes visible.
  2. How can I block specific types of ads? Specifically, political type ads. Or can that even be done?
  3. I tried to upgrade to 4.4.10 using 7.4 and couldn't do it. So I submitted a support ticket and was told to downgrade to PHP 7.3 because 7.4 wasn't supported for 4.4.10. It will be supported in 4.5, though. So when upgrading your php version, keep that in mind.
  4. With mine, this was actually probably closer to 15 years ago and it was for a political section (politics always seem to find its way into all aspects of life). Politics being what they are... divisive... we wanted a special section just for it and to have it somewhat segregated and out of sight. A place where arguments could take place, but only in there. Of course, all of this was back in the early days of Invision, version wise. I'm sure there's much better ways of doing it now. But at that time, this worked for us.
  5. Didn't there used to be a way to designate which spiders were from which service? I seem to recall seeing 'Google' or 'Yahoo' (I think Yahoo had a different name for its spiders), in my online list as opposed to just 'Guest'.
  6. I did something like that about 10 years ago, but I put a password on the forum and made the password public (in the description of the particular forum). By entering the password, the member was agreeing to the rules. That was a bit of a clunky way of doing it, but it worked.
  7. I just had my host (GoDaddy), install the SSL for me. To my knowledge (which could be incorrect), the http/https switchover, shouldn't need any work within your database. Mine didn't (on two different boards, one that's many years old, one that's just about to turn 2 months old).
  8. Yeah, I don't want to do it globally, but I don't want to change anything globally either. I'd just like to have the sidebar available to anyone who may want it, but if they don't, they don't have to have it. Basically, I'd like to do a custom block that has a couple of Twitter feeds that automatically update. Some members may want that, but many may not. I know that the sidebar used to have an X where you could turn it off if you didn't want it, but that was years ago and I don't think it's like that anymore.
  9. I haven't really done much with the block manager, but I was thinking about adding a sidebar. But I'd like to do so on a separate skin that my members can either opt to have the sidebar, or opt not to, depending on which skin they use. Is that possible, or are the added blocks added to all skins regardless?
  10. It's funny that you asked this now, I've actually been considering the opposite, though instead of https://www.website.com/forums/, I would do https://boards.website.com or https://forum.website.com But I don't know how simple that king of move would be or how it may harm SEO by changing it from its current URL method.
  11. Thanks, it's been several years since I've seen that ability, some of the members of my board have recently asked about it though, so I was hoping that maybe it was just something that could be turned on in the ACP.
  12. I don't think it was. This was on a board where they didn't really install third party plugins, they just did whatever Invision had and that was it.
  13. I'm not sure if a specific feature was completely removed (several upgrades back) or if it just needs to be enabled but I've had multiple members ask about it. There used to be a time where, in a forum index, you could click on the number of replies that any given topic had and you'd be given a list of everyone who posted in the topic and how many replies those members had made. A couple of years ago, I noticed that this feature vanished. Was it just done away with or is it something that needs to be enabled?
  14. Did you do a backup before the upgrade?
  15. Yeah, I didn't touch any of it. Support helped me out. My search_index table is still very large and about doubles what my database was before the upgrade, so I'm delving into that.
  16. Not sure if this would meet your wants, but what if you made a specific forum that can only be seen by mods/admins and banned members? The banned members would only see that forum and regular members can't see it. Banned members have the ability to post in that forum, but you have the banned group set to approve all posts. That way, they can post, but no other banned members can see their post but mods/admins can. Or some form of that idea. You just have to make sure that you have all of your forum/banned member permissions set correctly.
  17. Well, after upgrading yesterday, everything was great. Then today, I get an email that GoDaddy has disabled my site because the database was too large. No way is it too large, I said to myself. It's only about 500MB. Well, after looking, it had ballooned up to 1.5GB. After digging a little deeper, there's two tables that seem to be the problem... ibf_core_output_cache, and ibf_core_search_index. I've put a support ticket in, but how did this happen and can those two tables just be dropped without harm to the overall health of the database?
  18. I suggested to my members that the browser cache be cleared and then try the videos, one member did that today and everything works properly for him now. So, as I kind of suspected, it was on his end and not due to the board software.
  19. I hadn't thought about doing it server side, thanks.
  20. Do you think it's worth letting it crawl?
  21. On one of my boards, I have a particular bot that's in my online list with nearly 200 instances. I've banned the IP block (114.119.*.*) It shows as "petalbot.(with the specific IP address).aspiegel".com. Is there any better way of blocking that specific bot?
  22. Apparently, there a bunch of topics which had no content, no date, no title, no author, nothing. How that happened, I have no clue. But they fixed the issue and I was able to finish the upgrade.
  23. It's every video. I tried to play the one you posted, below is what happened (on Chrome). That's odd, though, because I haven't had this issue with Chrome. I tried it in Chrome, Edge, Firefox and even IE. IE never displays Tweets properly, the video played in all other browsers. Then, I tried it in Chrome again, and it played. So I don't know what would cause that. It didn't play the first time I tried it, then it did play in a new tab of the same browser the second time I tried it. I forgot to mention... the browsers that some of my members are using, are various. So it's not one specific browser but the most recent incident that was reported was Edge.
  24. Since this thread is about Twitter video, I'll ask this question in here. Some members on my board say that Twitter videos won't play for them (on the board). Has anyone else had issues with embedded twitter videos not playing?
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