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  1. I actually restarted an old site from scratch using the beta version and have had minimal issues in the overall functionality. Some things like sitemaps not working properly are my major issue right now.
  2. Is this something I need to submit to the bug tracker or is it already being looked at in the standalone version as well?
  3. Do you have a suggested list for a robots.txt file? I am getting a lot of 403 errors on Google
  4. I am not using Commerce. Is there a way to force it to build? The current update of it only shows Topics and Profiles. There is no Posts like it was before. It is also only showing 38 topics. I have one category that has 4 times that, so it is waaaayyyyy off.
  5. How is sitemap updated in 4.0? It created originally for me, but has apparently not updated in over a week, and as a result many new posts are not being added.
  6. Didn't work for me. Only way I could get it to embed the video was through the insert link
  7. OK. Got it to work. You have to actually have to click the insert link to get it to work. Any chance of it auto parse them?
  8. Aren't URLs for videos such as YouTube supposed to automatically embed the video in a post? When I put a link in a post all I get is the link. It does not convert it to the embedded video automatically
  9. I am a little confused about editing the theme in 4.0. I want to add a background image to the header section. I see where to change the color, but what file do you have to edit to add a background image?
  10. I thought I remember seeing something on the test board that we would have the option to choose between the round or square profile photos. I can't find that option. Is it in there? If so, can someone point me to it.
  11. I was pretty annoying. I managed to lock my account out trying to get in, because I had not yet received the email. Maybe having also posted it in the forums as an announcement would have been a good thing to do as well.
  12. It shows everywhere but on my front page. Any idea what on the front page might cause it not to show? I disabled every other hook I had, but still no luck on the front page. I am using the lastest version and have blog, gallery, nexus, and content. Also, with setting the time amount. Is that overall, or every time a page is loaded. For example, if I want it to pop us every 60 seconds, would that be from the first page they visit, or it would they have to remain on the same page for that amount if time?
  13. ghinton

    iArcade 1.2

    I have been having issues with the v32 games not saving scores. All of the v2 games seem to work... knock on wood!
  14. I purchased the current one already. Would there be ay changes to this one going from 3.1 to 3.2? If not I can just use my old copy. I hadn't tested it to see if it would work
  15. I had bought this one, and can definitely use it
  16. Will this be updated for 3.2?
  17. Do you email this file once you buy it?
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