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  1. :D good rep sir. xD xD xD xD

  2. IPS staff is very unforgiving :(

  3. i'm glad we are friends now :)

  4. Thanks for adding me :)

  5. Well, you're my friend? o.O

  6. I like your Rep, -29, Bad lol

  7. Is there going to be something released for 2.3.6 too?
  8. Hello, When is the 2.3.x series going to have PHP 5.3 support? Thanks
  9. Best Laptop to Buy for a college student?

    http://configure.us.dell.com/dellstore/config.aspx?oc=dncwix1&c=us&l=en&s=dhs&cs=19&kc=inspiron-11z $399 with integrated webcam Not sure what you mean by "a lot of memory" but it comes with 2GB. For college use this laptop should be perfectly fine. You can also upgrade the battery for $35 if you'll need a lot of battery time.
  10. IPB 3 Security Vulnerability Question

    You shouldn't be accessing your acp in a "shared environment". Not just that but someone will not just be able to obtain your session id it would take a fair amount of incompetence on the admin's end for that to happen.
  11. IPB 3 Security Vulnerability Question

    I believe it tries matching by ip address.
  12. IP. Subscription Manager

    Quoting them from the ticket "I've looked into this before and it's not that easy to resolve I'm afraid." So it would appear that it was too difficult for them to do so they waited several years until IPB 3. In other words they basically left their customers (who depend on the subscription manager) out to dry.
  13. IP. Subscription Manager

    If history has taught you anything you should have known it was going to take a long time regardless of what they made it sound like. One of the biggest bugs on the subscription manager was reported back in November 2007 and another back in July 2006 and those were just recently fixed on beta 1. That alone should tell you nothing is going to happen quickly which is why I'm still on 2.3.6.
  14. IP. Subscription Manager

    I'm sure you would also not appreciate people spreading misinformation. I could have handled it nicer however he/she could have written their post more accurately like saying "I haven't noticed any bugs. I think my board is perfect." instead of trying to state things as fact like he/she did "Well, i dont have any bugs on my board". Clearly, there are bugs just take a look at the bug tracker...