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  1. In fact, I have a database about magazines. Often, the communicated release date contains only the month and year (not the day). I would have liked to be able to display only the date in MM/YYYY format That's when the idea of changing a language string was suggested, but that would affect other databases.
  2. If I do this, is it to change everywhere in Pages? I would like to change this only for a single database in Pages.
  3. Hello everyone. Is it possible in the Pages app to display a date in MM/YYYY format? (instead of DD/MM/YYYY) In my memory, it seems to me that it was possible in an older version. THANKS
  4. What more can be said ? I've also been using the support in the Commerce app, and especially selling physical items for years (IP.Nexus). Removing these features is very damaging to my community. I'm not interested in using third-party services. The advantage of the Commerce app was the integration into the community without updating problems. The result is that IPS will lose money because I will remove the Commerce app from my suite.
  5. Hello everyone I made a database few years ago for magazines (see here : https://www.depeche-mode.be/magazines/ ) I made a terrible mistake back then. I did not check the option to create a thumbnail of the magazine cover. The display is long in the list of magazines, since the images are loaded at actual size. I enabled the option for future records in the database. But how to force the creation of this thumbnail on the old recordings without having to modify them one by one? We almost 2000 registered magazines... I can't see myself modifying them one by one... Do you have a solution for me? Thanks a lot
  6. It was so simple 😆🤪 Thanks a lot @opentype 👌
  7. Sorry, it's not always easy to express yourself well on technical details in a foreign language. "Category" template is the same template for "Category" and for "Sub-Category" (Children Category if you prefer) But When I change something in the template, I can see changes in "Category", but not in "Sub-Category" Here is my test code. As you can see, I hide the HTML Code for the profil photo and informations about last post. {{$RecordsClass = $category::$contentItemClass;}} {{if $category->can('view')}} {{$lastPost = $category->lastPost();}} <li class="ipsDataItem ipsDataItem_responsivePhoto {{if $RecordsClass::containerUnread( $category )}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}} ipsClearfix" data-categoryID="{$category->_id}"> <div class="ipsDataItem_icon ipsDataItem_category"> {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}}<a href="{$category->url()->setQueryString( array( 'do' => 'markRead', 'c' => $category->_id ) )->csrf()}" data-action='markAsRead'>{{endif}} <span class='ipsItemStatus ipsItemStatus_large {{if !$RecordsClass::containerUnread( $category )}}ipsItemStatus_read{{endif}}'> <i class="fa fa-comments"></i> </span> {{if \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id}}</a>{{endif}} </div> <div class="ipsDataItem_main ipsPos_middle"> <h4 class="ipsDataItem_title"> <a href="{$category->url()}">{$category->_title}</a> </h4> {{if $category->hasChildren()}} <ul class="ipsDataItem_subList ipsList_inline"> {{foreach $category->children() as $subCategory}} <li class="{{if $RecordsClass::containerUnread( $subCategory )}}ipsDataItem_unread{{endif}}"> <a href="{$subCategory->url()}">{$subCategory->_title}</a> </li> {{endforeach}} </ul> {{endif}} {{if $category->_description}} <div class="ipsDataItem_meta ipsType_richText">{$category->_description|raw}</div> {{endif}} </div> {{if $lastPost}} <dl class="ipsDataItem_stats ipsDataItem_statsLarge"> {{$count = $RecordsClass::contentCount( $category, FALSE );}} <dt class="ipsDataItem_stats_number">{number="$count"}</dt> <dd class="ipsDataItem_stats_type ipsType_light">{expression="\IPS\cms\Databases::load( $category->database_id )->recordWord( $count )"}</dd> </dl> {{endif}} <!--<ul class="ipsDataItem_lastPoster ipsDataItem_withPhoto"> {{if $lastPost}} <li><div class='ipsType_break ipsContained'><a href="{$lastPost['record_url']}" class='ipsTruncate ipsTruncate_line' title='{$lastPost['record_title']}'>{$lastPost['record_title']}</a></div></li> {{if $category->last_poster_anon}} <li class='ipsType_blendLinks'>{lang="byline_nodate" htmlsprintf="$lastPost['author']->link( NULL, NULL, TRUE )"}</li> {{else}} <li class='ipsType_blendLinks'>{lang="byline_nodate" htmlsprintf="$lastPost['author']->link()"}</li> {{endif}} <li data-short="1 dy" class="ipsType_light"><a href='{$lastPost['record_url']->setQueryString( 'do', 'getLastComment' )}' title='{lang="get_last_post"}' class='ipsType_blendLinks'>{datetime="$lastPost['date']"}</a></li> {{else}} <li class='ipsType_light ipsResponsive_showDesktop'>{lang="content_categories_index_no_records" sprintf="\IPS\cms\Databases::load( $category->database_id )->recordWord()"}</li> {{endif}} </ul>--> </li> {{endif}} The information that I hid, disappear on the "Category", but didn't disappear on the "Sub Category"
  8. Hi everybody, Can you help me for this ? I don't understand how can I change template for a Sub-catagory database. In the template "Listing" I see {{foreach $category->children() as $cat}} {template="categoryRow" group="category_index" location="database" app="cms" params="$cat"} {{endforeach}} Then, the template "Category" is the same for "Sub-Category" ? But When I change the Category Template, the changes doesn't appear for Sub-category. Why ? See Categories See Sub-categories Thanks
  9. I make a copy of my database. After the copy, the problem with 'Compact' table type was resolved. Then I use this process to convert MyISAM tables to InnoDB From now, this seems to have solved my original problem. But I haven't finished testing in all the apps
  10. Hi, here is what I get Yes. I assume you are talking about that? I guess it's better to pass the tables to InnoDB first and then proceed to the "Compact" step
  11. Yes, every time, and all app (I try on Forums, Pages, Gallery) Just try on Dowload App, same error
  12. Hi @Marc Stridgen Like I said, I finally decided to update. I have the latest version (4.7.3). But the update did not fix the problem (except for the Gallery app apparently) Just try to add a new forums INSERT INTO `ibf_core_permission_index` ( `app`, `perm_type`, `perm_type_id`, `perm_view`, `perm_2`, `perm_3`, `perm_4`, `perm_5` ) VALUES ( 'forums', 'forum', 167, '*', '*', '11,4,7,12,10,3,13,6,9,8', '11,4,7,12,10,3,13,6,9,8', '11,4,7,12,10,3,13,6,9,8' ) IPS\Db\Exception: Duplicate entry '1971' for key 'PRIMARY' (1062) #0 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Db/Db.php(941): IPS\_Db->preparedQuery() #1 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Node/Model.php(1898): IPS\_Db->insert() #2 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Node/Controller.php(1246): IPS\Node\_Model->setPermissions() #3 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/forums/modules/admin/forums/forums.php(122): IPS\Node\_Controller->permissions() #4 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(107): IPS\forums\modules\admin\forums\_forums->permissions() #5 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Node/Controller.php(69): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #6 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/forums/modules/admin/forums/forums.php(44): IPS\Node\_Controller->execute() #7 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\forums\modules\admin\forums\_forums->execute() #8 /home3/depechem/public_html/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #9 {main} The new forums appears in the AdminPC But not in the public area
  13. I'm not an expert in MySQL. I don't see in this table, where there is extra duplicate entry.
  14. Thanks @Marc Stridgen But I don't understand why this page work : http://www.depeche-mode.be/magazines/1980-1989/best-r967/ But this page doesn't work : http://www.depeche-mode.be/magazines/2020-2021/classic-pop-r1855/ The same database, with the same template (other category) It's the same with other database work : http://www.depeche-mode.be/tour/1980-tour/londres-r14/ doesn't work : http://www.depeche-mode.be/tour/global-spirit-tour/07052017-amsterdam/
  15. Hi Since I upgrade from 4.2.6 to 4.7.3 I have a lot of problems. One of them, is from Pages, when I try to go on a record. Exemple : http://www.depeche-mode.be/tour/global-spirit-tour/07052017-amsterdam/ http://www.depeche-mode.be/magazines/2020-2021/classic-pop-r1824/ receive this error : Error: Call to a member function url() on bool (0) #0 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/modules/front/database/record.php(341): IPS\Theme\class_cms_database_magazines_display->record() #1 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(118): IPS\cms\modules\front\database\_record->manage() #2 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Content/Controller.php(50): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #3 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/sources/Databases/Dispatcher.php(343): IPS\Content\_Controller->execute() #4 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/widgets/Database.php(128): IPS\cms\Databases\_Dispatcher->run() #5 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/sources/Pages/Page.php(1289): IPS\cms\widgets\_Database->render() #6 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/sources/Pages/Page.php(2269): IPS\cms\Pages\_Page->getWidgets() #7 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(116): IPS\cms\Pages\_Page->output() #8 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(43): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->view() #9 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(118): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->manage() #10 /home3/depechem/public_html/applications/cms/modules/front/pages/page.php(33): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #11 /home3/depechem/public_html/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\cms\modules\front\pages\_page->execute() #12 /home3/depechem/public_html/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #13 {main} How Can I solved that ? Thanks
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