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  1. Send me your acp&FTP details. Works fine on all my&clients boards.
  2. DawPi

    (DP42) Bot Group

    Yes, this is what this mod doing. Explain.
  3. Nope. In first it's trying get meta seo data from datastore... if ( isset( \IPS\Data\Store::i()->metaTags ) ) { $rows = \IPS\Data\Store::i()->metaTags; } else { $rows = iterator_to_array( \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_seo_meta' ) ); \IPS\Data\Store::i()->metaTags = $rows; }
  4. Send me PM and we'll discuss it.
  5. Woah, when it was changed actually? 😮
  6. Hi, it's only for me or everyone? 😉 P.s. I can open support tickets system from this url directly though: *** Link Removed ***
  7. Give me an example please how it suppose to work.
  8. Remove smaller group. Then IPS4 ask where do you want to move exists members.
  9. Yes. Not right now. I'll check if it would be welcome by other clients and make decision to add it or no.
  10. Nope. It's due to Marketplace and whole IPS4 selling stuff here. Just reinstall it from ACP.
  11. I wrote about furls management in the ACP, not about mod or something like this.
  12. You can't remove it. For blogs and any other type of content. It's vital parameter, being used to recognize what should be displayed.
  13. Hi, from currently viewing topic.
  14. Will look into it! 🙂
  15. Fixed and waiting on approval:
  16. Hello, will check it today.
  17. Will look into it in future release. Right now working as indended.
  18. Figured it out. You need to enable traditional view, here:
  19. @Natea, I'm checking it and it's weird.. On localhost everything works fine, but on live board no. I'm investigating it.
  20. It's per group setting. Social tab:
  21. Did you enabled it in ACP? Enter "edit log" in ACP search bar and check.
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