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Brainstorming: selling paid articles

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I am looking for a possibility to offer paid articles on the site. The workflow is simple.

  1. The user creates an article in Pages database. It is hidden for all except for staff (pre-moderation).
  2. We (the staff) review the article. If it suits, the user can pay. The invoice should be generated.
  3. After the payment is completed, the article is instantly shown on the site.
  4. It should be a one-time-payment per article. If user submits another article, go to step 1.

The challenge:

  • The user should only be able to pay for the articles, we have reviewed.
  • The invoice should be generated automatically upon reviewing of the article (status: reviewed).
  • Is the invoice paid, the article should be instantly shown.

Any idea of how to build the process with IPS Commerce? 

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17 minutes ago, Daniel F said:

This would definitely require a 3rd party app. 

A pity. 

There is no sense creating one for IPS4 anymore. What do you think, will it be possible to create such an app in IPS5?

There can be no limits on content types: forum topics, blogs or blog entries, calendar events, download files, gallery images or albums, clubs, records from Pages databases.

The review step should be mandatory, though. There should be no possibility to pay for something that is rejected by the community policy.


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IPS has said they want to improve monetization in 5.x. It may not be in 5.0.0 but they’ve mentioned it several times as a major goal of the 5.x line.  So this may be something that even happens natively. If not, I would imagine it might become easier to do over time. 

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