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Suggestion: Assign Calendar Events (or other Node Content) to Topics/Pages

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Just a quick idea that popped into my head this morning - a lot of my community users rely on making new topics for everything. Whenever a new piece of news drops, or the release day of a particular product, that sort of thing. It tends to clutter my forum, and I'm thinking of ways of how to change the culture a little bit so people use the Calendar a lot more for release reminders (this was one of the reasons given when users are asked why they make potentially redundant topics; that they use the threads as a means to remind themselves that something has been released).

With that in mind, I think it would be useful if there was a functionality to assign one (or more) Events to a Topic (or Page), at the post editor level as a new field (it can work a little like database relationship, only you search for items within a different IPS app?). The resulting calendar entry could appear as an ipsBox widget above or below the first post content area, in a scrollable box similar to that of the Our Picks horizontal widget.

I think you could also do the same thing with other apps/nodes across the IPS suite (maybe have a widget listing galleries that a topic author might think is related to the subject they want to talk about? Or assign a database Page to a Topic in a forum designed for user collaboration over updates to that Page, like Wikipedia's 'talk' function?). But Calendar is what popped into my head, so Calendar is the ask. 🙂 The other apps would be cool too though.

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