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Upgrade FUBAR!!

Go to solution Solved by Combat_Pilot_Jason,

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Running PHP 8.2

I'll add that I got this error upon initiating the upgrade which would also indicate a PHP issue. This is unfortunately way over my head. 

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage

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New versions of IPB do not run on PHP7.4.  It's been end of life by the authors of PHP for almost a year and a half.  You need to be on PHP 8.1 and make sure that version has all of the required modules installed.  (Check the compatibility checking script to confirm.)

Once on PHP8.1, you would want to do a manual upgrade because the auto upgrader WILL fail.  (Upload a set of files from the IPB client area and then run domain.com/admin/upgrade)

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@Randy Calvert thanks for the help.

It is on PHP 8.2, my original 7.4 comment was wrong. 

The monthly updates up until this one have all installed just fine.

My site was setup and installed 10+ years ago by someone I hired to do it. He's no longer around to help so I've been managing the site ever since then by myself with my limited knowledge. 

I've never had to do a manual upgrade in all the years of running the forum. 😟

My site is currently restoring a backup from yesterday. Once that is complete, I'll attempt the manual upgrade.

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