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Forum total stats rounded up ?

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A member actually pointed this out, and I had to look at the internet archive / wayback machine to see for myself. 🙂

On older 4.x versions the widget to display the forum total posts/topics was accurate however the newer version seems to round it up. First thought was space so I moved it to underneath rather than the side but it did not change.

Please see attached pic:

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As noted via a query...

[code]SELECT COUNT(*) AS total FROM forums_posts;[/code]

... the real total is shown.


The members do mark each actual "complete K" posts with things so it is helpful to know which / when we get to 16K / 17K etc etc.


I could not find anything to alter the format itself, and the (they are helpful) stats do not quite cover this as they don't count everything. I'm aware the total is "what is present" rather than the total count because ID's are not recycled.


Any easy way to alter this ? I did think about a file edit (yes I know) but I'd rather avoid that. I don't think its anything that mySQL or php are doing to it though.


Thanks! 🙂 

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There was a paid modification from DevFuse for this, but it's not available anymore. The developer has recently gone missing. You'll need someone to make a new modification for you. 🤷‍♂️



I take that back. Looks like Adriano made a new modification for it already: https://www.invisioneer.org/files/file/220-disable-friendly-number-format/

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