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Admin validation required but not set

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For new member registrations, our settings require that a full registration form be filled and validation then occurs by email. I have never enabled Admin validation.

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Why then do I get an admin notification claiming a potential member needs admin validation? This is, btw, the second time this happens.

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thanks, and a pleasant day to all.

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thanks. I had already read that, but still didn't connect the dots between the message "member awaiting admin validation" and spam defense. I would have expected a message more like  "member requiring admin validation after triggering spam defense".

Still, after trying out stuff I learned that it's possible to find this info anyway. Here are the steps I used:

1. click on the members IP

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2. in this case select the spam defense log entry (arrow above).

3. Find the spam response level at left (and compare with spam defense settings as in my post above)

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