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Client area Ticket Support upgrade

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Great thanks for your help.

I need to update PHP on my sever before looking into upgarde the forum but think the IPb version i am on will not work with PHP8.1

Do you offer a service to do the forum upgrade for me ? 

Currently on.

  •  PHP version 5.6.32.
  • MySQL version 5.5.61-cll.
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3 hours ago, Phil h said:

Does v4.3.3 support php 8.1  ?

As mentioned in the post above, it's not supported.

If you want to upgrade from that version, you need to perform a manual upgrade and change the PHP version right before (or after) the new files are uploaded:

If you have 3rd party modifications installed, you might also need some extra steps (like disabling them before the upgrade, searching for a new version compatible with PHP 8, etc).


If you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, there's the option of hiring a 3rd party Provider to do it for you, as Marc mentioned.

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