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Invision Install for 4.7.15 missing conf_global.php

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It is my impression there should be a conf_global.php or conf_global.dist.php in the unziped contents for Invision. It is missing on Windows and Linux Unzip. I need to find this file to complete the installation process. Thanks in advance for any help!

The SHA256 hash of the zip is: c34bbc453a72152bb7ebe2165145033d139b3d471bef3552a0941907d1056d49

 Could contain: Page, Text, Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware

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3 minutes ago, Sonya* said:

You do not need this file. Just start the installation, the file will be created during the installation.

Thanks for the quick reply!


The only reason I am aware of that file is this error:
Could contain: Page, Text, File

From the system:

Could contain: Text


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