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Creating New Members Manually

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When creating a new member manually from ACP an email is sent to the New Member with a link to select password, complete profile, etc. 

However, there is no prompt or boxes for them to accept Terms or Opt in/out. Is there an easy way (no template modification) to add those fields for this New Member to complete at the same time?

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On 12/29/2023 at 7:18 AM, Marc Stridgen said:

There is no simple way in which you would be able to do that, no. The correct way to do this would be for them to create the registration, rather than yourself. If you create it, you are opting to bypass the normal registration process

Thanks Marc - I do wish to bypass the normal registration BS necessary these days to avoid spam - CAPTCHA, security questions, email confirmation, and approving first post, etc.

But I would never wish to bypass the legal requirements now necessary to run a website - namely making the Users aware of the Terms of Service, GDPR, CCPA, (opt in/out), etc.

I only wish to create accounts for Users who I already know are legit, but I need to comply with legal regulations and have a record of their agreement to accept and comply.

IMO, I would not be in compliance if I create New Users as an Admin as it is presently set up.

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