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Google Adsense GDPR Messaging and IC4 Performance

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Not sure where to post this topic honestly, it's a technical issue I think I'm facing but not entirely sure if it's something Invision needs to help with, or if it's a Chrome/Google problem or what.

Anyway, Google has been bugging me to add a GDPR message as part of its Adsense suite for months, and I figured I'd take the time to do that this morning and shut them up (they're going to automatically add a GDPR popup/notice mid-Jan either way so thought I'd get ahead of it). However, it seems like enabling the message has caused some strange performance issues with my Invision installation.

Loading pages and general browsing seemed fine at first, but scrolling up and down through long pages with a lot of content caused the browser (Chrome, latest version, on MacOS 14.2) to meltdown, stop processing the content (causing white-outs on the screen) and browser hangs. Eventually getting one of those dreaded "do you want to Wait or Exit the page" dialog boxes appear (clicking 'Wait' does nothing). This also happened while I was editing a Pages record, I had finished editing and by the time I went to click 'Save' everything froze up.

I am pretty sure it's related to the GDPR messaging and whatever code Google is inserting to make that happen, because I deactivated the message on Adsense and now everything is performing as normal on my community without any hangups.

Is anyone else experiencing this sort of thing when enabling their GDPR messaging via Adsense/Google directly? I want to make sure I'm not going mad (I can provide screencaps for IPS if needed, just to illustrate what I'm seeing here)...

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