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Editing Database for Forum Posting Option


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Hi! Just a couple quick questions. We have a database of articles created that is running on a Page through the Pages App. Works great. But after having posted eight articles there, we've decided that we would like to activate the post topic in forum option as well.

I went into the AdminCP to edit the database, toggled that option on in the Database settings, selected the Forum to post them in and saved. Realized that I had the "Delete Record with topic is deleted" option toggled on and didn't want that, so I toggled that off and hit save again. Now, it looks like this:

Could contain: Page, Text, File, Webpage

That looks like it's transferring the eight articles and matching comments into the forum where we want things posted, correct? But now the "Post Topic" option is toggled off. Did I do something wrong there? Also, about how long will that take to complete?

Thanks so much!

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