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Bug: Accepting guest cookies on a website with Discovery as homepage leads to empty page

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I’ve reported this already in September in a reply, but it might not have gotten attention this way. 

Steps to reproduce:

  • visit an Invision Community website with Discovery as the homepage (like the one I link with this topic) and stay on the homepage
  • delete all stored cookies if there are any
  • Reload the page so the cookie bar appears on the homepage. 
  • Click Accept Cookies
  • Result: Cookies get saved but the activity feed is removed and a page with an empty body is loaded (see screenshot)

I can consistently replicate this on all my communities with Discovery as the homepage. It only happens for the root page “/”, not “/discover/6/" or anything like that. The browser doesn’t matter. It does not happen on a website where Forums or Pages is set as default app. The URL looks like this index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=cookies&do=cookieConsentToggle&ref=aH…
So, it seems to fail to forward the user to the previous page because no “page” is detected. 

Could contain: Page, Text, White Board, File

It would be nice to have a fix in the 4.x line. After all, the homepage is the most typical place where people will accept the cookie bar and presenting them with an empty page is not a very good start to keep people on the site. 

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