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My Feedback on Invision Community

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My name is David. I run a side business called Mountain Interactive and frequently browse forum pages around Invision community. I've used Discord mainly for my community with over 34k+ Members. I am more attracted to running a website (forum) instead for communication as it is a more safer and enjoyable way, discord feels too corporate and doesn't give you enough room for customization. Now, I used to use Xenforo and left because they made an error while cloud hosting my site and I lost pretty much all my site data and subscribers which is really important when you're making $20,000 a month and need to ensure that your billing is working as normal every single day. They offered me $500 credit and told me that's all they could do 💀.  

Now, with that out of the way. I love Invision community for a lot of reasons but I do highly recommend you guys do not choose to go full corporate robot mode. A lot of things I like about Xenforo were that they had such a big addon community and it felt more sociable aside from how IPS Boards feel. My biggest recommendation and advice is to keep a balance between serving those corporate communities and also little guys like us, who love add-ons, and configuring our websites to the fullest potential possible.  I'm super excited to see Invision Community 5, It's been really hard to push my community from Discord to a forum software because anyone who like me, was born in 2004 and later isn't very familiar with forums. 

Thank you for your hard work!


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