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Priority for Background processes


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I had to rebuild Achievements and other stuff that has taken a good 10 days now (huge forum).

The problems with the current functionality is that other background processes get completely stuck while big processes are running. I now have over 2,000 processes in wait state... (se attachment)

Any way to push/change so "small" background processes could run asynchronous?




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Also topic notifications are being delayed, while long background processes are running.

Some notifications came 10 days after they were supposed to arrive. We had many complaints about no notifications.

So priority impacts functionality as it is now. 

Greetings from Bangkok!

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Background process are already automatically prioritised. Achievements rebuilds and the others that you currently running are the lower priority. If a task is spawned for sending notifications, they will be processed with a much higher priority.

It looks like the achievements rebuild recently completed and almost all other tasks (except for the search index rebuild) have also completed.

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