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Cloudflare Stuck on "Checking if the site connection is secure".

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Hello everyone I hope this message meets you well.

I am having trouble setting up Cloudflare to work perfectly with my website - whenever I force captcha on my website everyone seems to get in an infinite loop of "Checking if the site connection is secure". The only way to bypass this is by going incognito mode or clearing all site data through inspect element.

Note : The first time you get the captcha everyone is fine, my Cloudflare is set up to ask for it every 1 hour due to the amount of DDoS attacks on my website, after an hour of browsing you get it again on your next click the infinite loading screen. Others browse for say 45 minutes, get off the website and come back the next day and they also get the same loop.

Anyone experienced this please before let me know if you have managed to find a solution. Thank you.

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