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renewal price is not showing

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I've created a new product that is charged every 3 months. I chose price 1 as the initial price, initial terms every 3 months and the same price and period for 3 months.

However, the payment page does not reflect the renewal term as you can see in the attachment at #4. The renewal price only shows "taxes not included". The price is not displayed 😞



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If I check "Same as chosen renewal period option", the renewal text is not displayed, and people have asked me a LOT in the past. They don't know and some don't understand that /3 months means every 3 months. It's VERY unclear.

How can I display a message like...

179.00 eur every three months .... Renewal 179.00 every three months. 

The payment conditions when there is a new renewal MUST BE very clear and for DUMMIES. It's not 😞 How do I fix this issue I mentioned above where the renewal price is not displayed? Thanks

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8 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

Im not sure here why you would not be selecting the "same as chosen renewal period" as they are the same 

I am not using that option because it's unclear, and because as I explained in my post, MANY clients have contacted me before the purchase that they don't know if it's a payment done EVERY 3 months 😞 And it does not show any RENEWAL description in the price. Members are not sure if there is a renewal or not 😞

This is what I see.... / 3 months means every 3 months? Yes, but MANY (a lot) contact me asking about it 😞

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I will see the text I want if I independently select the initial and renewal prices. It specifically mentions "RENEWAL"... there is no way to be confused.

However, the Renewal price is not displayed 😞 below. It only shows (taxes not included) and it should say "179 euros every 3 months". Is this a bug? We need to display the renewal price; the option you suggested is unclear.


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Pretty sure that is not working as intended. The empty space there below the R means a variable output is missing. Could be an outdated template, a language string problem or something similar. Here is how it looks on one of my sites where initial term and renewal are specified independently, even though they are the same:

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It’s pretty clear. 

I don’t think there is an easy way to change the display using the “/” for “per”, but that’s easy to explain in more detail in the description or even the product/subscription title. 

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