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Disable Certain Embed Links [Twitter] But Allow Others


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The AdminCP setting to "Automatically embed links" applies to every platform that is supported, and while I want to be able to allow embedding of YouTube videos etc I want to DISABLE Twitter links specifically. There appears to be no sub-setting to choose which platforms you can allow embedding on - it would be good to have support for this.

There are multiple reasons I want to disable Twitter specifically:

  • Embedded tweets take ages to appear on page load, making for a crummy UX for my users
  • Distracts from community content, which is not helpful when Twitter etc are platforms that forums constantly have to compete with for attention - if people really want to see what a tweet says, they should just click the link
  • Twitter going the way of the dodo generally and I really don't want to support it

In a perfect world, would be good to have a sub-setting in AdminCP where we can pick and choose which links automatically embed and which ones we can disable... but in the short-term there should just be a mod/hack to allow disabling of Twitter embeds and auto-embedding of everything else. 🙂 

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2 hours ago, Nathan Explosion said:




Thanks for this, looks great - would this allow me to let users embed content from platforms I choose (like YouTube) while disabling the same for others (like Twitter)? It’s not super clear on the marketplace page

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