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Locked out of admin?


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Was logged in to the forum as usual, clicked to do the update and my stored  username and password used to log in to the forum earlier n the session does not work.  It flashed that "The display name or password was incorrect. Please try again (make sure your caps lock is off)." the software locks me out for 14 minutes.  I went through the stored passwords on my ipad, iphone and PC and none were changed. 

Tried logging in to ipad then iphone using my email and the whole account locks me out for 14 minutes at a time.  I'm still logged in to the forum on my PC for now, but tried the admin panel and it will lock me out after another login attempt. I can't change my password since that option is in the Admin panel.

I was in the admin panel yesterday no problem. I can't check any settings since i can't get into the Admin panel.



I get an email each time it locks me out for 14 minutes. Neither button in the email will let me get to the panel to reset my password or secure my account.

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Looks like your standard login handler was set to Display Name but you had the Converter login handler set to Display Name or Email Address. Therefore, the login page was displaying both Display Name or Email Address. However, as Standard was only accepting Display Name, it rejected your email. 

I have changed the Standard login handler on your site to accept both Display Name or Email Address. I would suggest adjusting these both if you do not want that to avoid this in the future.

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Thanks for looking and taking a moment to help in the background. I don't remember changing anything between the last time I was in and this time? 

I just tried to log in using both screen name and email and am still/again locked out.

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15 minutes ago, Jim M said:

If you try inserting your credentials manually, does that help?

It does not 😞 😞  not on my iphone or my PC. I just locked my account up again

I'm not sure what is going on.  I've never had this issue before 😞

I have a forum session still logged in on my PC. I'm afraid to do anything to this session.

Are you able to log in as me?


I have a different user account that will log in fine. It is  not promoted to an Admin status as a fall back though.

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