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Trying to uninstall application causes 500 page error

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I have an application which doesn't work and will no longer be upgraded by its author, I want to remove it and tidy up with site as files seem to be getting left behind from various installations.

I need help uninstalling the application, it's the task manager (stratagem) by Michael Edwards.

Please advice or help.

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Recovery Mode (Self hosted only)

If you get to the point in which you cannot get to the admin CP, nor the front end, you can try using our new recovery mode function. In order to use this, you would add the following line to a constants.php file within your installations main directory


Once this is set, you can visit your ACP location and log in. On login you will see something similar to the below, which will be disabling 3rd party items, resetting default themes, and attempting to get you to a stock position so you can log in (it will not be deleting anything, don't worry)


On login after enabling recovery

After this is complete, you will be shown a list of all items which have been disabled, and you will be informed to remove the line from your constants file. It is important that you do this, as you will not be able to navigate to any area of the admin CP until you have done so.


Recovery Complete

You will then be able to enable items one at a time until the system breaks, in order to determine which of these items is causing your system not to function.

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Its likely the application has something in the uninstall that is not compatible with PHP 8, and causing it to fail. I understand the author isnt providing updates, however have you contacted to ask how to remove it?

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teraßyte was awarded the badge 'Helpful' and 10 points.

On 6/17/2023 at 6:54 PM, teraßyte said:

Most likely, a function's parameters don't match the changes in the latest version of the files, and that generates the 500 error.

Your error_log file on the server should have more details about it.

@Marc Stridgen The problem was indeed what I mentioned above.


A call to getItemsWithPermissions() was missing the newest $location value at the end. I've already resolved the issue for them. 👍

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