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Should I just disable Facebook Login (error message when trying to login via FB)

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when trying to login via FB

1)  i get this error 


(the app previously had worked).

I read that this feature  and others from FB will be deprecated anyway in the future,  (correct ? or did I get it wrong?)

So, in this scope, 

2) 1should I get into the whole procedure thing  to correct it  anyway or not?

I have very little time in my hands, (in general) so, I need to save me some time. 

I was planning to get the whole review app process going,


3) also make it possible to embed instagram posts, because I need to up my followers  here in Greece, the market is going a lot towards instagram,

so It would help me financially to be able to push instagram through the forum

but since i am a newbie at it,  it is taking ages hours and days for me to figure all things really out , since i sometimes only have 1-2 hours at hand to deal with issues. 

Will this feature (instagram embeding)  be also deprecated ?

If yes,  

I think I should not inveest anytime at all on these things for facebook and just let it go and disable the facebook login or 

disable the button that appears while log in so that users not see it anymore as an option.

What will happen with the users already created with facebook login accounts? 

What is the correct way to disable it? (If I go this way)

thank you in advance for your opinions. 



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Are you getting anything other than that, as thats just a URL rather than an error

In answer to your questions

1) Facebook are actually making it increasingly difficult to integrate with. We are still working with it for the moment

2) The review process is something you will indeed likely need to do with facebook these days. Whether or not you decide to continue with it, only you can answer

3) Yes, you can. You would certainly need review for that. There is a link on how to do this here.

Anything which is to be deprecated you can find here


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thank you very much. 

this is what I am getting , when clicking   login via facebook 

Could contain: Page, Text, File


Could contain: File, Page, Text, Webpage  

at the meta center i have this going on

Could contain: Page, Text


it cant be clicked  live.

I have two apps,  

the one i am trying it with has publish actions aprooved, 

what other permission might be missing? 

(it has worked in the past, so this is what is strange)

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Ok I checked things again. 

anything about this link?    the   forum/oath.php

Its bringing this error, what would that mean /is it expected?

  its bringing this 

requested_route_404 The page you requested does not exist
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ok thank you I have found the problem. Unfortunately the apps i have, are restricted due to a missed deadline i didnt see, or thought would be automatically renewed, its impossible to put them live again. They are in development mode indefinitely. 

 So I probably need to create new apps, (hope this is just possible, since there was no other violation of any kind)

since those are not even able to be appealed.  Normally you are able to appear to a restriction of an app.

But in this case because it was unnoticed , time passed, so, not possible anymore. 

(here is the link to that info in case anyone is searching for it too  https://developers.facebook.com/appeal ) 


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