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How to Enable debug for check issues on my community?

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Hello everyone,

I need active DEBUG on my community for check possible issue with my PHP.

But I didn't find anything related to this in the community could someone explain it to me?

Because I know that an error is happening, but I want to know how to solve it by checking the platform debugs.
because the only message the system shows me is error 500

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Your hosting provider should be able to show you where 500 errors are logged.  

PHP by default disables showing errors (thus a blank white screen).  You can tell it to just show errors to the screen by adding something like the following to your .htaccess as well:

php_flag display_startup_errors on
php_flag display_errors on

Please note...  these are server level items, not software level things.  As a result, the support team cannot officially help you with this.  If you have problems, you should contact your hosting provider about how they handle access to error logs and displaying errors.  

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I m my server owner.
You still don't understand my question, the basic question is where and how is the IPS platform's development or DEBUG mode enabled?
I need to check the error through debug as the error is related to the init.php file after community update to beta version.

Forget your assumptions about the provider or display errors or PHP.
If you know how to enable developer/debug mode just answer me this.

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