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How to move IPS 4.7.6 forums to another server and under a different domain name?

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After weeks of testing, I am about to finally make my board live to the public. I will have to move it to another server and under new domain. I would like to ask here first though to avoid problems in the future. 

Steps I am planning to do:

  • Moving files from public_html to its destination on another server.
  • Changing domain name in the IPS Client Area.
  • Changing domain name in the conf_global.php.


And thats it? Should I also change some fields in the database? 


Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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For the old server.
1. Download the public_html installation of your Invisioncommunity software.
2. Download your database from PHPMyAdmin.

New server.
1. Upload your downloaded installation "FROM THE OLD SERVER" into public_html.
2. Create a database with a user and add that user to the database with all privileges.
3. Import the database from your old server into the newly created database.
4. Go to your config and make sure that everything is correct in that file, (Base_url needs to be changed, and the database name + database user + database password).

That's how I would do it. If you don't understand how I explained it, please contact me privately and I will help you move your installation to a new server. Enjoy!

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