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[Bug] popup register on mobile

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1. In the Firefox browser in RTL mode, when the registration button is clicked, the registration form does not open correctly and has a responsive problem.


2. In the Chrome browser in RTL mode, when the registration button is clicked, you cannot scroll and fill the registration form.


I've checked this issue in different browsers and it happens in all of them.


please fix these issues in the next release.

thanks in advance.

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14 hours ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I can see your issue in the first, and we can get a bug report for that once e have taken a closer look at the second. On the second one, you appear to be scrolling up and down, which is what you mention you cant do. Could you please provide more info on that?

thanks to reply!

well, I have users that visiting my forum from different countries with different languages, so I need to enable different language packs on the forum. So I will have users who have to use RTL mode.

The problem is that when a user wants to register on an Android mobile phone with a Firefox browser, the registration form (popups) opens abnormally And the user can't see the form completely and has to scroll(X-Y) the page in different directions. (fist video).

But in the Chrome browser, the problem is different, the registration form opens correctly, but users cannot scroll(Y) the page and fill the form. (second video)


I hope I’m getting my point over

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