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Bulk mail sent twice somehow!

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I'm looking for your help and advise, have you ever seen bulk mail sent twice in your community but the user didn't do it?

Here is a screenshot of the bulk mail screen.  It has recorded being sent to 1002 members, which is exactly twice the number it should have been.  Please note its UK dates day/month/year so it happened last week.

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Looking at the Admin Log, we can see the bulk mail being Added and Edited by John but recorded as sent twice.  Normally, from my testing we would only see one record for each time it was sent but look at the time.  

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If John had sent it a second time, the bulk mail screen would record 501 members not double as the count is reset each time you resend.
Also both Sent logs are at the exact same time (2023/01/05 21:26:33) so its not John sending again which is impossible to do within the same second.

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I must add that John will have sent 100s of bulk mails over the last 14 years, he does know how to it.

I am baffled as to how this could occur and would appreciate your help/advise on the subject.  

PS. I've intentionally posted this here as I feel asking for Support at this stage would just be wasting theirs and my time if I am the only one to ever experience it.  Maybe with your help there are other areas that I should check which would give better clues as to what happened.



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Nobody else then...

We have never pruned the admin logs and the query below returns 3 records where it ran the bulk email twice to the same second.

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Maybe you could try the same query on your database to check?

SELECT date_format(from_unixtime(`ctime`), '%Y/%m/%d %H:%i:%s') as ctime_f, count(*)
FROM ibf_core_admin_logs x
WHERE lang_key like 'acplogs__bulkmail%'
group by ctime_f
having count(*)> 1;

You may need to edit the prefix (ibf_) to suit your database.

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