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issue with users being validated

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I'm having an issue with new users going directly to the "validating" tab in ACP. In the past, it never happened. Maybe, 1-2 users a week did not validate their emails. Now, it's just everyone. Could you please look into my ACP and tell me if there is an issue? I just don't know what could be wrong 😞

See screenshot. All new users are in the Validating tab.


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4 minutes ago, Marc Stridgen said:

I have taken a look, and there is nothing i can see as being an issue there. You simply have a lot of members who havent reponded to validation as of yet. It may well be it's a spammer that is putting them in. I noticed some of those are similar names, and same IPs

Strange, because in two years this has never ever happened.

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