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Custom Email Subjects from Forums

Todd R

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We have a lot of forums that our users subscribe to for email updates and as of now, the only way to tell what forum the message came from is a small grey line that says "Posted in xxx" within the body of the message.

I'd like to see the ability to either choose how you want the subject to appear (Board name, forum name, topic, poster, etc), or to fully customize the subject line.  Right now I can edit the value for the mailsub__core_notification_new_content setting to show the name of the board in the subject by using the following:

[{setting="board_name"}] {$content->mapped("title")|raw}

But apparently there isn't an equal variable that I can pass to show the name of the forum.  This is my goal for my emails:

  • [Forum Name 1] Here is my topic
  • [Forum Name 2] Here is another topic
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