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License key expiry date based on 1st use.

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Hello again. I'd like to ask you something.

I have a product in the forum which generates a key and uses email as identifier, so far so good.
I've set the product to be valid for 2 days for a specific price just like that:

Could contain: Page, Text

Looking back in the store from ACP after a purchase this is what I get:

Could contain: Monitor, Computer Hardware, Screen, Hardware, Electronics, Text


My question is:

Is it possible to pause (or keep on hold) the membership "timer" until at least "1 of unlimited amount of uses" are generated?
e.g. In order for the user to start his 48 hours period license timer to have it activated at least once.

Is this possible, have I missed some sort of setting in the ACP for this purpose? 
Thank you and with best regards, Fere.

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