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  1. Completely understandable now, how about Coinbase Commerce plugin for IPB 3.4 version (kinda legacy and hard to find nowadays). Thank you!
  2. Trying to install it, but I can't download it nor buy it. Please help! 😞
  3. Feretorix

    Radical Tags

    How can I force users to choose from a list of prefixes like in those forums, I've purchased your plugin but I can't find that option:
  4. Can I get a refund as I am not going to use this app?
  5. How can I choose colors of the prefixes? How can I set prefixes as a moderator/administrator if the user forgets to use them? http://puu.sh/Ga883/3ca54c5f11.png
  6. Am I blind or I don't find an option in the Commerce where I can add the option to purchase points with PayPal, can anyone help me please?
  7. I am willing to pay a good amount of money for my request. If possible I will leave you a private message with my details. Will be looking forward for an answer. With best regards, Feretorix.
  8. I am planning on buying this plugin for certain in any case. But I want to ask, is it possible to unlock topic content with points? Or for example link(s) in a topic with points? And will the thread-starter be able to earn % of the points the users spent to unlock the content? With best regards, Feretorix.
  9. Does this still support only 4.4 version?
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