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Word Expansion (Strip HTML After Deletion)


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Good day folks, I love the word expansion feature in our community, the only issue I see with it is if I delete a word or acronym that I don't want linked in our content anymore, the html is still left in the content, would it be possible in the future to add an option for us to be able to strip html from content if a word or acronym is deleted at the Word Expansion portal?

Where this option can come in handy, is if I owned a website that I am linking key words too, and I no longer own that website, or I change the domain, then I would be able to delete the word link in the Word Expansion, and or change the word link to direct to another website, also if I have key words linked to an affiliate program, and those links no longer are valid, than it would be nice to have the option to unlink, or delete the word from word expansion in turn stripping the html from that word throughout the community.

Thank you for your consideration 🙂

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