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Need help transferring community from Bluehost to Invisions Cloud services

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Hey gang,

We've got a community currently hosted on Bluehost.  But I want to try the Invision cloud hosting option and see how that does.

But I need help with the backing up, transferring and all of that.

I'm not really interested in learning about servers, mysqls and all of that and spending a ton of hours with tech support.  I just need this done.

Anyone want to make this happen and help out?  Happy to pay.

- Steve



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Typically, your hosting provider can bundle this up pretty easily for you as there are countless reasons to ask for backups, not just switching services🙂 . Most have an area for you to obtain this via the hosting panel or, like us, a quick, helpful crew to get you your backups quickly/efficiently.

However, I do see that you have a ticket in with our sales team where you are discussing your conversion and you have posed this to them. They will be able to answer if this is something we can do for you. If not, they may provide alternative suggestions at that time.

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